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Sunday, January 4, 2015

#GEJ2015 Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan privatized #ELECTRICITY and Nigerians are enjoying constant power supply.

How the Nigerian President privatized electricity and now delivers at least 18 hours daily. Ignorance does not excuse stupidity. Electricity is now privatized in Nigeria. In 1962 as a 27y/o Commisioner, my father suggested privatization. They did not buy it. Goodluck Jonathan introduced it in 2012/2013 and now we have 18-24hrs of electricity. He has funded it and we have Ibadan Electric. We have power in Ibadan. While in Lagos last week I was shocked to see Lagosians complaining about power. They did NOT even know their privatized company. 

What is APC educating them about? Where is the money? Only one out of 25 ppl could tell me about Ikeja electric. Speak out and cut the rhetoric and inuendo. Nigeria is working. I lived abroad 37 years in 4 countries. We have every modern amenity, now to just get the people modern. Wake up pls!! You don't have power, go to your state government and demand accountability! People like Lawal Ayomikun Ismail my NEPA/PHCN guy will tell you so pls don't tell me that the President just stabilized power for the election. I work 22 hrs daily on social media and have not smelled petrol or diesel in 5 mos. All my devices are overcharged.

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