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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#BREAKING Buhari Faces Arrest in UK and Visitation Ban for KIDNAP of Umaru Dikko in 1984 #NigeriaDecides

APC Presidential Candidate Muhammadu Buhari according to a source in the UK tells #HNNAfrica that Buhari will be banned from entering the UK for any kind of campaign activities and also faces arrest with no diplomatic immunity for ordering the drugging and kidnapping of  late Minister Umaru Dikko 30 years after the incident.

Buhari’s proposed attempt to return to the United Kingdom as part of his global campaign circuit, received a major setback recently as most major UK and Europe based institutions have turned down his request for visitation. I am told that he had a poor human rights record during his reign as military head of state of Nigeria.

The APC’s Presidential candidate’s perceived links with extremist Islamic organizations as well as his propensity to instigate electoral violence in 2011 did not help his case. This violence caused the deaths of several of Nigeria's NYSC corps members in the North, many from Southern Nigeria.

Statements sent to HNNAfrica states: The U.K Foreign Office’s most recent annual report on human rights and democracy said the country will reject any ties with known despots and human rights violators.

It condemned “The use of unlawful and arbitrary measures to target human rights defenders including enforced disappearance; house arrest; restrictions on freedom of movement, communication and association; extrajudicial detention and harassment of family members by both past and current leaders across the globe”.

However it was gathered that APC brasses are pulling all strings to seek alternative platform for the ex-military dictator. But some human rights groups are mulling the idea of instituting process that could lead to the arrest of the former dictator to answer charges on the botched extra-judicial deportation of the late Umaru Dikko.

Buhari could be charged under the popular United Kingdom Common law which carries a maximum life sentence for ordering the kidnap and barbaric deportation of Dikko a move which sparked a major diplomatic row between Nigeria and the UK.

Lawyers also point out that that the botched kidnap also contravened the British Aviation Security Act of 1982. It would be recalled that plane designated to transport Dikko who was drugged by his abductors was waiting in the tarmac for its `consignment’ before eagle eyed UK custom officials intervened.

When you cannot extradite someone properly from another country based on corruption and you drug them in a crate, Nigerians remember and that is one reason not to vote for you. Nigeria no longer has diplomatic commonwealth status with the UK. Even President Jonathan's boss Depriye Alamieyesigha was extradited properly after he disguised as a woman. There is no need to drug someone in  a crate and thus the nickname given to Buhari as the Master Kidnapper who has never spoken about the alleged missing Chibok Girls. With his certificate drama and this, could Buhari be removed as the party's Presidential flagbearer? Stay tuned for the latest +HNNAfrica 

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