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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#WifiKemistry How #Nigerian FB pages ENCOURAGE #Bullying on #socialmedia


In 2015, I am sending a strict message against #bullying to many Nigerian FB account holders. If you have been DISABLED in the last hour for 24 hours to 30 days by FB, that is because I flagged your comments attacking me on Abiyamo's page this morning. I make money from such posts as I use it to teach others. When I comment on a page on social media, you ppl automatically turn it into Kemi this Kemi that. Abiyamo seeks15 mins of fame and they encouraged the bullying. Proudly Yoruba and Abiyamo run pages hiding behind keyboards misrepresenting Yorubas so that we can HATE OTHER'S TRIBES! This is the simple reason Nigeria is destroyed today.

Sorry if FB disabled your page. You caused that so pls read the FB Community Standards on what you cannot post to harass someone on social media. Below is the status that got my comment almost all the replies on the page.  Need tips on avoiding a block on FB? Go to or google the hashtag #WifiKemistry

Mohammed Isa Sunama WROTE: There is something else I like about Yoruba culture. There is a point at which that culture determines that somebody’s behaviour has become so outrageous that you stop blaming him or holding him to account. Yoruba culture will migrate to the person’s kinsmen and ask them critical questions. The moment Doyin Okupe started comparing his Oga with Jesus Christ for the simple reason that what he will eat is standing in the way of wisdom, you are unlikely to find anybody in Yoruba land still blaming the man. Instead, questions will be asked of his kinsmen, his molebi in Ogun state. What did Doyin do? Who did he offend and what is the scale of his offence that you, his kinsmen, would fold your arms and watch him dance naked in the public square all the time? Why did you allow him to cross the market? Does he not have molebi in this town? What is his olori ebi – family head – doing about his matter? Are you his kinsmen just going to be looking at him? Won’t you do something? Ee ni jade si oro Doyin ni? I am sure these questions are being asked of Doyin Okupe’s kinsmen already. -Prof. Pius Adesanmi in "Doyin Okupe is A Bastard" — with Mizzybahudeen Ibnhassan.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo To the Hausa guy keep dreaming. Yoruba culture does nothing of the sort. My parents and I Just read this garbage. Hausas pls get a life and culture of not KILLING people. Yorubas are the worst dumbasses too. Okupe is right. #IamGod
Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Medical & Health · 26,567 Likes


Ahmed Olawale Adeyemi Kemi dagboru! I unliked your page years ago. Heard afterwards that you went naked and all sorts just to stay relevant. Pele iya. Reading the nonsense you're commented here, I see that you are still seeking relevance. This is perhaps the wrong page for you. Only sane people stay here
Like · 7 · 2 hours ago

Abiyamọ Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo: Madness has its limits. Where one person's madness is doing 100m, that of another person is doing marathon. I will advise you to read the rules on this page before you write any nonsense or trash here. You talk nonsense, you are kicked out. We are SANE people here and I have warned you. I will not repeat myself.
Like · 4 · 2 hours ago

Sheffy Loyalty Abiyamọ don vex lol d drama don start
Like · 1 · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Hahah! Yea, put that loser in her place.
Like · 2 hours ago

Adeola Adebambo Daniel Kemi this page dnt entertain gabbage like u leave now before abiyamo do justice to ur case,this forum is for omoluabis of this country,home and abroad
Like · 1 · about an hour ago

David Olan Upwords So many times I wonder how and where this woman lived in Canada and the kind of people she associated with while she was there by the way she speaks and comment in a very abusive and insolent manner.
Like · about an hour ago

Olamoyegun Jide Peters This kemi is a waste of time
Like · about an hour ago

Michael Tayo Osonuga @Abiyamo now she's getting all the attention she wants,why not let's evict her from this house of sane people or just ignore every bit of her dumb post like they never really exist.. #Smile,kemi kemi your drama go sweet here. Pity you in advance.
Like · 47 minutes ago · Edited

Olaniyi Oladejo Were alaso
Like · 35 minutes ago

Dangote Ade I wonder why they allow Kemi omololu on Facebook. she is loosing it too, don't u see her in market campaigning why nobody listen to her. Her family needs work to do, after she was deported from Canada things are not the same with her anymore.. Haa Oma se ooo. Ikunle abiyamo oo
Like · 27 minutes ago · Edited

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Abiyamo, I'm not telling you how to run your page. However, Kemi is cancerous and would ruin whatever good thing you have going on. Bitch has like a thousand social media pages she runs (she's got a multiple personality disorder). You'd think that she'll just stay with her numerous pages. She has this compulsion to always pop up everwhere to talk shit, especially when no one offers an invitation to her.
Like · Reply · 4 · 2 hours ago · Edited

Sheffy Loyalty LOL
Like · 2 · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha The bitch already posted a link on this thread to one of her gazillion pages in an attempt to hijack Abiyamo's fan base/followers. Smfh.
Like · 2 · 2 hours ago · Edited

Abiyamọ Lol! I know her better than my palm. She just entered the wrongest hole.
Like · 4 · 2 hours ago

Taiwo Khausim Afoo hahaha, abiyamo sef na no nonsense buddy but always apply wisdom
Like · 2 · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Lol.
Like · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha She think say she get sense. Smh
Like · 2 hours ago

Olamoyegun Jide Peters I dont know that dirty bitch is stll around
Like · 1 · 59 minutes ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Right?! I thought she was eaten by a wild animal or something lol. I was also of the school of thought that she was one of the Ebola Virus casualties lol.
Like · 57 minutes ago

James Akínwùnmí Craig Abiyamọ ....wahala don enter ur page o bcos of d presence of somebody. The person will soon be fighting ur fans soon. WATCH OUT!!!
Like · Reply · 8 · 3 hours ago

Abiyamọ Hahahahaha, let us all enjoy the drama.
Like · 3 · 2 hours ago

James Akínwùnmí Craig The ranting of a psycho is not a drama o. Wait till she starts to abuse ur papa & mama
Like · 5 · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Or wait till she makes slanderous and libelous statements about you. She does that all the time.
Like · 1 · 2 hours ago · Edited

'Wale Bodunwa Kemi Olunloyo is here? Yeeparipa. Abiyamo eti e melo? Igboro ti daru o!!
Like · Reply · 9 · 3 hours ago

Jubril Adekunle Abiyamo don enter
Like · 2 · 2 hours ago

David Olan Upwords So who is she! Is she the agbako Akara Ogun talked about in Igbo Irumale? Nothing for her joor.

Jubril Adekunle Abiyamo!!! , hmmmmmm be careful ooo,somebody don enter your page ooo,I dey smell wahala.
Like · Reply · 3 · 2 hours ago

Buhari Oloto Magnet Comrade @ Olunloyo, u're saying something totally different from d issue on ground. Okupe is totaly mad now and he will not stop embarrasing himself until he dance, dance nd dance to d middle of the market. Let's wait and see
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hours ago

Sheffy Loyalty Buhari Oloto Magnet Comrade that is how kemi do her thinking always different from what other say
Like · 2 · 2 hours ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha This attention grabbing whore aka Kemi Olunloyo is still alive? You slanderous, libelous piece of shit and crackhead. I thought you'd have died from like Malaria or Cholera in what ever hell hole you're currently hiding in. Deportee asshole.
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hours ago

Toun Animashaun-Kayode Lol, very apt! On point. The Hausa man sure knows the thinking culture of "WE" Yorubas.
Like · Reply · 3 · 3 hours ago

Kolawole Oladimeji kindly don't give kemi any attention pls...
Like · Reply · 2 · 58 minutes ago

Soji Akande Abiyamo, please delete her posts. She is a pro (mercenary) and her presence on your page shows that you have been noticed and the big guns have been called in. Or maybe everyone should just ignore her???
Like · Reply · 2 · 2 hours ago

Akin Omo Akin Gbenga habba! Where u get ur facts n figs from, 50 something suitcases disappeared? 50 what?? And what were d suitcases containing??? Contraband goods or what???? Habba gbenge beru Olorun o. No com dey do like okugbe sorry oku epe, abi hmmm okupe
Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hours ago

Folashade Koiku Wow what a reputation she has
As old as she is
Her name is nauseating , so is her behavior n media posts
The lady believes in gay right , says there is no God , post her naked pictures and asked guys to think of her and start masturbating , then was throwing herself madly at a guy cheaply on Facebook , she sees herself as NAFDAC boss in d future after insulting Late Dora for no known reason!! She is a frustrated unhappy soul deeply craving for attention
Thanks for putting her in her place
I feel sori for her, trashy cheap old fool @ 50 something!!! Damn
Like · Reply · 4 · about an hour ago

Zulu Donatus Please let Nigerians do not set up political fire that may consume many people in the name politics. African countries are still very far from understanding what's democracy. In developed countries, people don't shout on microphones, no curse , no intimidation, no thugs etc. They vote based on your living record so far. The day of voting, there is no difference between it and ordinary day. During campaign , same thing. Nigeria as the giant of Africa must, suppose, to emulate standard beneficiaries in every good field and not when you see a thief or a killer, you call him/her good person because of the evil gift you are expecting. Nigerians suppose to check the advantages & disadvantages of GEJ & Buhari when any comes to power before casting their votes. May God bless Nigeria.
Like · Reply · 1 · 55 minutes ago

Aliyu Inuwa Muhammad Ahhhh, kemi is here o! ayam goin o...see u nxt wk.
Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago

Solomon Olumide Faniran Kemi Olunloyo and Kola Kamal you both are just like Doyin Okupe. Bastards ruining there children's future.
Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago

בגאווה ישמעאל Okupe is now BADO (Bastard Doyin Okupe)........ BADO on point ....... BADO on rampage.....
Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago

Sodeinde Kola Kamal Doyin has not said anything blasphemous
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago

Soji Akande Is this not the same Kemi Omololu Olunloyo that said no one was kidnapped in Chibok? The hausa man is right and the same is been done concerning Fani-Kayode.
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago

Daniel Olanrewaju Okejimi Abisco, I dey read ! I dey cry ! I dey laugh! Seriously,d guy is right. His kins men are already on d matter. Am very sure Iperu people won't let him ja si oja
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago · Edited

Okanlawon Olugbenga Campaign should be issue-base not insult. Let us hear direct from Buhari and his advertisers how they are going to run the nation. When GEJ was compared to one of the brutal kings in the world, some people were dancing now that he's referred to as Mess...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago

Sheffy Loyalty how old are you when buhari was ruling then?
Like · 2 hours ago

Engr Iyke Nwadike Sherffy Loyalty must Okanlawon Olugbenga be of same age with Buhari before knowing ascertained facts of Buhari? Were you born when God created Adam? So why do you have to belief Adam was the first man?
Like · about an hour ago · Edited

Sheffy Loyalty Engr Iyke Nwadike chief speaker of d house let him answer my question
Like · 1 · about an hour ago

Olamoyegun Jide Peters Some people are mentally wretched,they prefer to die in their wretchedness.
Like · about an hour ago

Orire Bamaiyi Abdulmajeed Nigeria is a natural resource abundant country and Crude oil production increased to 395.7 million barrels in 1970. The volume of crude oil exports dropped to 390.5 million barrels in 1987. Oil revenue increased from N166.6 million in 1970. Nigeria was not even earning $2.8 billion in crude oil in 1987.

How or where did Buhari got the $2.8 billion you claim he stole from ?

PTF was a well planned program and execution may not be 100% in quality but was the best in Nigerias public service history in equity and reach to all corners of Nigeria. The SW project such as Iju water works n Oke Aleji water project Ibadan water supply comes to mind. There are several roads. Medical supplies all across the federation as well. All PTF project were well documented and expenses n expenditure are well accounted for to the extent that Obasanjo was disappointed the man was sparkling clean he couldn't even pin a fraud of N1 on Buhari.

The 52 briefcases you write about were those of the emir or Gworza n his wives. Buhari never interfered with airport inspection and no human on earth can claim he or she saw currencies in them bcos they were never inspected.

Where are those jubilating the Babangida overthrown now. History is the best teacher as Nigerians have learnt with Babangida.

Immediately Obasanjo was sworn in as president he set up Dr. Haroun’s probe panel of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Haroun probed PTF inside out. Buhari was discovered to be as clean as snow

Haroun confirmed PTF account was audited every year while Federal Government account was not audited in 36years.

Buhari asked Obasanjo to publish the report of the panel, but Obasanjo could not publish it because it was a certificate of honor for Buhari. If that Dr. Haroun’s report had any page indicting Buhari, Obasanjo would have used that to disqualify him from contesting. ~ Prof. Tam David-West

Buhari never incited the revolt after the 2011 election. We all knew the election was massively rigged even though I blame him for not coming out to quench the flame of unrest but nonetheless he never incited the unrest.

Plus Buhari ruled Nigeria for 18 months and during that periods did you know there was no single communal or religious crises ? Not even one all tru his tenure due to adequate security he provided. There was no sharia in any if the state as well.

The Maitashie insurgence a boko haram prototype which slaughtered over 5000 Nigerians under Shagari was quelled in less than a month by colonel Buhari when he singlehandedly took action without federal government directives to destroy this Islamic insurgence which he was later punished militarily for. Yet you claimed he's a fanatic, extremist, Islamist n all that. What can be further from the truth I ask you ?

Christians were not fighting Muslims like we are experiencing under Jonathan. Igbos n Yoruba can go their n drink beer without any trouble.

Ike Christian Mbachu wrote

The middle belt cities of Jos Plateau Kaduna predominantly 100% Christian community were known as tourist destination during Buhari regime n were completely peaceful unlike the daily killings murders sectarian violence n war going on there presently under Jonathan.
Like · 56 minutes ago

Write a reply...

Akinbile Oluwabunmi This guy will never stop embarrassing himself.
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago

Sheikh Yaqub Its pathetic!
Like · Reply · 21 minutes ago

Adeosun Paul Kemi and Okupe have the same blood running thru their vein, I guessed. "Ko si ogbon k'oma si omo ale Yoruba.You see any good things in Okupe comments, then you must be mad....
Like · Reply · 31 minutes ago

Oladele Fatai I wish Yoruba has a better way of addressing someone than merely saying - "Omo-Ale ni'wo kinni buruku 'i!"... Lolz
Like · Reply · 34 minutes ago

Boaz White Oyinbo Hmmmm opupe who is ya father
Like · Reply · 48 minutes ago

Akinwumi Akunzli Yoruba are a very objective pple mostly calling a spade a spade no matter what. The politics of religion and racial preference did not enter this country through the southwest. Be that as it were, we can not remove the fact that there are lunatics or political/social bastards like fani Kayode, Kemi oluloyo, okupe, abati
Like · Reply · 48 minutes ago

Maruf Adeniyi Mogbe Mogbe!!!!
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Adelekun Adeyinka God bless d person who wrote dis text
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Ebun Adelaye I wonder if she's got kids? But then they might just have to accept her the way she is. 50 something and totally something else!
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Joseph Arsenal Nwokocha Yea, she's got kids. The US government had to take away her kids from her before she literally killed them. Child abuse/neglect charges, together with other charges were filed against her in the US, which was mostly why she smuggled herself into Canada in order to seek asylum. She's so stupid that she failed to realize that the Canadians and the Americans work hand in hand. When her long wrap sheet popped up in Canada, they had no choice but to deport her sorry ass to Nigeria.
Like · 47 minutes ago · Edited

Write a reply...

Soji Olawale a fool like him
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Engr Iyke Nwadike My friend stop posting every rubbish that comes out of the mouths of egocentric thieves called politicians... The ability to hear is clearly different from the ability to understand. You better open your dictionary to ascertain the differences between COMPARISON, EXAMPLE and (IS)... Next you'll start saying he called Jonathan Jesus. I hate rubbish my guy
Like · Reply · about an hour ago · Edited

Mathew Irikiti Hmmmn U see in dis life wen u have money, people around u dont always wanna tell u d truth! Entourages always tell u what u wanna here u know they cant tell u oga ur mouth is smelling and so on dats d problem with dis Nigga
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Sikiru Adeshina Lawal Foolish man,
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Buhari Oloto Magnet Comrade Madness has no limit especially when its a family matter. By their fingers nd their kerability, we shall know them, so now u know who she is.
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Dolapo Adeniran 'Ekuje', bribe spoil everywhere in Nigeria. As long as he's settling them, they won't be able to caution him.
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

Odudu Attai Thank God say Okupe na yoruba person
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

3 Replies · 57 minutes ago

Yusuf Olalekan The writer of this piece got it right on every word. A day after Doyin Okupe's show of madness on Channels Television, an old man read the story of his madness on Punch Newspaper in my office and the first question he asked was "Omo ilu wo ni Doyin Oku...See More
Like · Reply · 33 minutes ago

Ojelade Shobayo Nurudeen Abiyamo the best thing is to delete and her cohort dass all
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

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