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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#HNNPolitics #Odumakin Book Launch: Col Bello Fadile calls Obasanjo a liar that will die a BAD #DEATH!

Col Bello Fadile and I at the Odumakin book launch
At the Odumakin book launch, Col. Bello Fadile, the Director of Special Duties at  the office of the National Security adviser at the Nigerian Presidency at the Three Arms Zone in #Abuja #Nigeria went explosive and brave speaking out about former President Obasanjo. On the podium, he said  Obasanjo is a liar, he would not die a good death and needs to go die in jail. We are ready to fight Obasanjo and send him back to prison. Nobody should be afraid of him. He's not a Christian, he's a cultist, Fadile said.

When he left the podium, I did a media scrum with him in an HNNAfrica exclusive. He said Obasanjo will only change in prison and called OBJ a serial pathological liar. He stated that OBJ was not to release his letter accepting what they did and got them in prison but yet did not release his own. I also asked him of his views of youth bringing back military types in the government's democracy, Fadile said the youth today are mostly interested in money flanked around by the old military types and the government back in 1983 with Buhari, the APC Presidential candidate is not the same government we have today. Basically I read that as military should stay in military positions.  You know, what I call the #Agbadasyndrome, take off the military syndrome and wear the agbada and shift to democracy. 

Listen below: 

Watch the video of Fadile saying that the military is working against Boko Haram, something some unpatriotic Nigerians don't believe.

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