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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#HNNOpinion #Buhari FACTS for #Nigerian youth under 31yo before #VOTING #GMB2015 #APCDecides #HNNPolitics

Journalist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo (Credits Keminications Media)


#HNNAfrica #HNNOpinion #HNNPolitics #HNNInvestigates #APCDecides by Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

I was there at 18yo and was a first class current affairs student who later attended broadcast journalism school after Pharmacy and PR school. Many Nigerian military leaders have sneaked their way into politics and democracy. We all own Nigeria not them alone! We should be moving forward not backwards! Buhari waited for someone else in the APC to nominate his VP running mate and chose a Yoruba christian rather than an Igbo Christian since APC is a tribal party, he clearly made sure the Igbos were cheated from the Presidency. Under Buhari, Scores of more #Hausas will be KILLED in Northern #Nigeria and even people in the south when the insurgency spreads. As a daughter of a high ranking elderly APC Chieftain who was also a casualty of the IBB/Buhari coup (Note I did not say Buhari/Idiagbon coup) I always tell you information you may not know. These things are not classified. The Nigerian media is just scared to ASK THEM for fear of something! But of course it's the smart ones that will process this info as 80% of my obsessed fans are already #morons. Move Nigeria forward not backwards with military types setting up Nigeria back for a coup. What makes Buhari think he cannot be overthrown in the similar kind of coup he was part of in 1983. Good Luck Nigeria! I shifted my career to Health and Wellness and not Politics and Activism in Nigeria.


#Buhari once stated that Sanni Abacha NEVER STOLE A KOBO from #Nigeria, something we know is a lie now #hnnmoney

#Buhari said in 2001 that Nigerian Christians should not worry about Sharia amputated Hausas and it was none of their biz. Many of them now live in Christian Southern Nigerian cities like #Ibadan. Why has he ignored his own people?

#Buhari courted an underage 14yo girl and does not see anything wrong in child marriages or people like Yerima who delve into that.Why was he so quiet in the #ChildNotBride affair. Buhari courted a 14yo girl Safinatu then later was allowed to marry her at 18. They divorced in 1990 after years of abuse. Safinatu was his late wife.

#Buhari had Seun Anikulapo Kuti and Femi Kuti - Official (Femi Anikulapo - Kuti)'s father #Fela ARRESTED for carrying £1600 thru the MMA airport. Fela was Jailed 5yrs!

I see #Buhari's son here more in #Ibadan clubs partying as compared to Obasanjo's son getting SHOT battling #BokoHaram. After losing the 1999 elections, Buhari refused to accept the GCon award OBJ gave him, the highest honour from a President telling the media that Obasanjo's admin was ILLEGITIMATE! Well, he accepted his Centenary award from Jonathan. Does that mean GEJ's admin was legitimate? Buhari is a man of political convenience.

#Buhari will make a disastrous president and insurgency will be the name of the game. Many students killed already in schools! He rarely talks about the insurgency. Most Yorubas supporting him are so FAKE they call me begging to get their kids redeployed to safer states instead of Yobe, Adamawa and Borno bcos my uncle is the HEAD of the NYSC. I no longer use my influence. Send your kids where they are deployed to serve Nigeria. Be Patriotic under any circumstances.

#Buhari is a #BokoHaram sympathizer who claims that the military offensive against BOKO is anti-north. Many Hausas get killed daily. Why is Yorubaland now Sabo everywhere? Many Yorubas are certified morons telling my father the Chairman of Oyo state Housing Corporation in the 70's not to sell land to Hausas because of their hate and tribalism. My dad Victor Omololu Olunloyo always replied them "Why not? They may not be able to return to Northern Nigeria one day should we separate again. Today we ain't separating just yet but who can go back to Northern Nigeria to do anything again? Live, trade foods etc. Boko Haram will simply kill them!

#Buhari forced a Judge to sentence #Fela FIVE YEARS for currency violation. The Judge confessed after Fela was released that Buhari made him hand out that sentence. An #APC First Lady Florence Ajimobi allegedly carried way more than that>>£400,000K. APC history of currency violation special treatment? #Buhari has NEVER explained the 56 bags of hard currency Major Jokolo his ADC carried thru MMA while jailing #Fela

#Buhari was part of why we can no longer get free 6 mos visas anymore as #Nigeria was REMOVED from the commonwealth due to several human rights violations under many leaderships most notably Sanni Abacha regime

#Buhari never cleared his name in the PTFI scandal leveled against him. Did not show up at the Oputa panel where a woman levied accusations against him as he thought leaders don't have to give accountability.

#Buhari complains about #BokoHaram but what has he done about it? Obasanjo once risked DEATH by visiting a Boko leader to try discussing how peace can be achieved. That leader was subsequently KILLED after the visit! BH needs to be eliminated at all levels.

#Buhari claims that fighting #BokoHaram is military action against the North when he's actually trying to shift power

#Buhari Minister Umaru Dikko was dehydrated, suffocated and we NIGERIANS were sentenced for human rights violations. He ordered the kidnapping of a transportation minister Umaru Dikko. Dikko was stuffed in a crate in #London UK. The master kidnapper has not spoken actively about all the alleged Chibok kidnappings including the 12/19/14 one.


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