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Monday, December 8, 2014

#HNNOpinion Babajide Abatan, a clear example of why Nigerians will suffer MORE in 2015. Refugees abroad.

Babajide Abatan via Facebook

"I was of the opinion that Ajimobi has taking care of all the mad people under Molete bridge, why did he leave this lady behind. Social Service take note"

While the whole of Nigeria is commending me for a video that amounts to nothing but common sense, you have people like Babajide Abatan, a clear example Nigeria has moved backwards 400 years. These are the self hating disgusting urchins that have contributed to decay in my country. For someone whose Facebook page claims he is from Ibadan, Nigeria and looks so far away from his own hometown at people like me trying to educate and enlighten the community.

I come from Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa which also has the largest amount of illiterates who can neither read or write. Abatan, a product of the asylum system in Wales is so disconnected from reality it is quite sad to say. Nothing in my video says anymore than to tell the masses to stop recycling politicians in Nigeria. But of course, he doesn't have to care.

Once they take fake refuge in these countries abroad just to get light and water, they solidly forget about Nigeria. After returning home from America 30 years  in 2007, I once fled Nigeria to Canada after we were attacked at media houses but I never forgot or disrespected my people's lifestyle one time.

He calls me a MAD person and even thinks people under the bridge are mad people. People struggling to survive, selling their wares and even many dying in the gasoline tanker fire in October 2014. Nobody told Abatan that. Ignorance does not excuse stupidity because you are a refugee in Wales. SMH!

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