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Friday, December 12, 2014

#HNNKids #Nigerian Michael Otis Odebiyi is a CONVICTED pedophile so why is he on Facebook posing in front of a TOYSTORE?

Ruth Adebiyi his wife and the kids (via Facebook)
Michael Otis Adebiyi (Facebook)
Michael Otis Adebiyi a convicted child pedophile posing in front of Toy store Toys R us in America (Facebook)

Michael Otis Adebiyi is a convicted pedophile in New York State. Check the child offender registry. I expose these kinds on social media because the problem of Nigerians who defile children is so deep back home and they think they can get away with it abroad. He tends to know what crimes everyone allegedly has committed without proof, so I go after people investigating what they are keeping secret.

A father of 2 girls just like the Nigerian man who had been impregnating his daughters for so long in New York Aswad Ayinde who I busted 2 years ago since monitoring him and his ex-wife in 2009 on Facebook. I called the authorities on him one and he got 90 years in prison. 

The subject on RayPower radio yesterday was comparing how many children have been "defiled" in Lagos state alone. I have sent an e-mail to him to prove the claims and his identity. 

Pls BLOCK him on all social media. He is yet to prove his innocence to me.

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