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Friday, December 26, 2014

#HNNInvestigates Why #Terrorist kids in #Nigeria are now exposing #BokoHaram and Parent Sponsors #OperationChibok

My documentary #OPERATIONCHIBOK comes out Election week Feb 2015. Nigerians will hear compelling accounts of Operation Chibok. I maintain my stand that no girls were ever kidnapped and abducted. It was solidly a conspiracy to demean the ruling party PDP and their leadership. This scam was allegedly elaborately planned by the some Northern leaders.

Who are they? Are they religious, political or community leaders? The terrorists will answer those questions themselves when more trained terrorist Hausa kids start to tell the Nigerian people. Now comes word that kids are now confessing that it's their own parents taking them to these Boko Haram camps. I did say that in April 2014? This was a large scale child trafficking operation made to look like a mass amount of girls were kidnapped and then distributed as suicide bombers. Parents sold their own children to terrorism.

NIGERIAN dailies Christmas day with female suicide bomber confessing parents role
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