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Thursday, December 11, 2014

#HNNFamily Meet Kehinde Christianah Olatunde-Ogundele, a model #Nigerian woman who OBEYS her ABUSIVE husband.

Kehinde and her happy family

Kehinde Christianah Olatunde-Ogundele No wonder u are not married coz no man can tolerate dis behaviour of urs, u lack home training and fear of God. Shiorrr

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo U are another mumu married wife. I have no time for your low self esteemed life. Wake up. You are NOT happy in your marriage. Your husband beat u silly and sometimes kill many of you. Pls tell me if Im wrong. Who tells you I want to be married and get trapped in foolishness in my 20's and get divorced by 40. That is the case with everyone I went to secondary school with. Your mates are in their husband's house. You mean my mates are beaten and abused in their husband's house. From some inboxes I received, I heard that you have been abused by your husband several times and you are only in that marriage to save your family unit. Girl you better save your children's lives FIRST from mental and emotional damage. You don't need marriage to make a point. 

This lady was responding to this status on Facebook. 

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