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Monday, December 8, 2014

#HNNBirthday #ChukwuOctuplets16 Happy Birthday to E B U K A!! The oldest Octuplet and FIRST to arrive Dec 8th 1998!

The Chukwu Octuplets (Family Handout)

Today Ebuka is 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The oldest of the Chukwu Octuplets.

One of the first women I met on social media in it's evolvement was bedridden carrying 8 babies in 1998. Her name Nkem Chukwu, delivered one of her babies on Dec 8th 1998 and her cervix was sewn SHUT! As she began to lose blood, the whole country was in a prayer chain praying for her and on December 20th the rest 7 were born and a week later, we lost a girl Chukwuodera. 3 years later Nkem had another baby girl and today they have 8 children again. Odera is always in our memory.

Nkem and I spent hours talking on AOL and later I decided to travel to Houston to go meet her. Those babies were Soooooooooo Tiny!! Each one fit into the palm of my hand. Today can you say there is no GOD? I threw them the biggest 5th birthday bash in Houston, TX in 2003 and what awesome kids they are! They plan to visit Nigeria SOON on a family tour. Stay tuned.

BACKGROUND The Chukwu Octuplets have been my clients since they were born. They have not been in the spotlight till their 5th and 10th birthdays. Born in 1998 to a Nigerian-American couple, Iyke and Nkem Chukwu along with their grandmother Mrs Janet Chukwu have been caring for the octuplets with the help of hundreds of volunteers. When Nadya Suleman delivered her own Octuplets, the media bombarded the Chukwus wanting to get advice and more. It was a CIRCUS! I spent day and nites fielding press interviews around the world in different time zones. I booked the Chukwu Octuplets on countless TV and radio shows plus all kinds of newspaper and magazine. Today one of them turned 16 and in 12 days the rest join her. Larry King Live, AC360, TODAY, GMA, CBS Early show, Nightline, Globe and Mail, BBC TV and Radio, All CNN newswires, Monique Radio show and more!!

For all media bookings on the upcoming Dec 20th Sweet 16 celebration, contact me at or tweet me @Keminications or message

Congrats to Nkem and Iyke!! College in 2 years!!!

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