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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#ChukwuOctuplets16 Chukwu #Octuplets celebrate #Sweet16 birthday Dec 20th in #Houston #Texas #HNNBirthday

Finally my clients are 16!!
16 years ago today, my friend Nkem and Iyke were blessed with 8 babies and lost one a week later. Each baby fit in the palm of my hands and less than a pound. Today they are 16!! the Chukwu Octuplets also known as the Houston Octuplets are the World's first surviving octuplets born to this Nigerian couple Nkem Chukwu and Iyke Louis. Yes we are planning a trip to Nigeria 2015. To book them pls contact me at KEMINICATIONS PR. I have set up all their media interviews at 2pm in League City, #Texas today at their residence. All Houston media are invited.

Happy Birthday to Ebuka, Chidi, Echerem, Chima, Ikem, Jioke, Gorom and we remember Odera #RIP who passed away a week later

The Chukwu Octuplets PR photo album is at Keminications Media's PR pages at or @Keminications on twitter

NOTE: The hashtag #ChukwuOctuplets16 will be a year long social media teen campaign to celebrate their 16th birthday. Many activities, events and appearances will be announced in 2015 as well as their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles.

Download Photos with credits here:

Wikipedia: Chukwu octuplets

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