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Saturday, November 15, 2014

#MadamPresidentNG Meet Nigeria's FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT! Shit could go REAL in 2019

#MadamPresidentNG I will launch my political party online and register with INEC promptly. However I am developing a strong movement like Ladoja did with the Accord Party. In 2019 we will be ready to TAKE OVER Nigeria! In 2015, we are going test our paper candidacy. A woman will lead Nigeria to GREATNESS. If you are NOT ready for me, don't jump on my train. Stay with the LOSERS, TERRORISTS,RECYCLED LEADERS and ELDERLY LIFETIME LEADERS THAT WON'T RETIRE!

We need money and donors and we are gonna get it from all over the globe. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rands etc. We will end the insurgency, We will feed every Nigerian, I am not going to always be nice. I am going hard on EVERYONE! You like soft leaders and I am NOT soft. I am a mean badass bitch. I don't pretend, I will set you straight cos you are fixing Nigeria with ME!

I'm not going to be President thru someone's illness or death
You are simply gonna ELECT ME!

I need governors, senators, reps in the state and federal seats, name it. I am taking over NG!

Invite your pals from across the globe.
 #MadamPresidentNG every Satuurday

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