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Saturday, November 15, 2014

#MadamPresidentNG Make Government work for you!!

The Storex tanks are full now as I waged war on the Governor of Oyo state that many people in the state have no WATER coming out of taps. Governor Abiola adeyemi Ajimobi has billboards all over town stating that the Asejire Water dam has been properly commissioned and people should start receiving water flowing from the taps the 70's and 80's. But most of us were NOT? The billboards even show him drinking a glass of water straight from the tap. The people who got water were owners of private boreholes. lets face it if you don't go after government, NOTHING HAPPENS!!

Many don't speak up and call me aggressive trying to bring down the APC government in Oyo state. The fact is that I am not a member of any political party in Nigeria yet. I am only a voter and I need amenities. Water is a basic human right. I raised hell by storming into the Oyo state Water Corporation which my father Victor Omololu Olunloyo was once a chairman at, made demands and even threaten people's JOBS telling them if I ever became a govt official everyone will be FIRED/SACKED. I tweeted the governor 26 times and tagged it to radio station Starfm91.5 Ibadan
My voice was heard, one Honorable Adelabu showed up on Star FM telling Oyo state ppl that Government is willing to listen to all our issues.

Within 48 hours the GM, Head tanker driver of Water Corporation all contacted me and by the time the tanker arrived, the Asejire dam water flow had gone thru so water came from the pipes to the Storex containers and overflowed despite pumping it upstairs and into the house. I had to send the tanker away, invited poor neighbors to draw water to prevent the waste.

When I become President, the taps will flow again in every neighborhood.


KOO 5.45am 8/21/14

Update Sept 17th 2014, my sister Funke Olunloyo did not like it and attacked me saying Im trying to bring down the APC Government. I suffered a lot of injuries.

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