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Monday, November 10, 2014

#HNNTerror UPDATE: Bomb blast in #Nigerian school assembly kills 48 children and several need AMPUTATIONS and #BLOOD

Boko Haram fighters parading on a tank

Boko Haram may be getting a lot of facetime with AFP and AP handed videos with no time stamp and dates. Now they are suspect in this morning's school explosion at assembly. At least 48 school students have been killed in Nigeria after a suicide bomber apparently dressed in school uniform detonated explosives in a packed assembly meeting.

Around 2,000 students - some as young as 11 - were waiting to hear the principal's Monday morning address when the blast ripped through the crowd. Eyewitnesses spoke of horrific scenes as body parts were scattered all over the school compound. The mood then turned to anger, with soldiers who turned up to secure the area pelted with rocks by locals, who accused them of failing to protect the area against terrorist attack.

The bombing took place at the Government Technical Science College in the city of Potiskum, a town of 200,000 in north-east Nigeria's Yobe state and a regular target of attacks by the Boko Haram Islamist group. Only last week, a suicide bomb in the same city killed 30 people taking part in a religious procession of moderate Muslims.

Musa Ibrahim Yahaya, survivor of the school bombing, spoke to the AP news agency from his hospital bed, where he was being treated for head wounds. "We were waiting for the principal to address us, around 7:30 a.m., when we heard a deafening sound and I was blown off my feet," he said. "People started screaming and running, I saw blood all over my body."

Aliyu Abubakar, a Potiskum resident, said he heard the explosion when he was dropping off his two sons at a nearby Islamic college. "One of my sons fell down, I came out dragged him in and we drove off back home," he said.

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