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Saturday, November 8, 2014

#HNNSports Why I need a FAN to teach me #Soccer. @OgunmiloroKenny is my adviser

Star FM's Sports Journalist Kenny Ogunmiloro
I know nothing about #SOCCER as I grew up from 14 years old in 1980 to almost 48 abroad in North America. Football to me is played with HANDS and not kicking a ball. Learn about the NFL. As soon as I fled to Canada during my refugee status days, I found ot the Canadians play both. Grey Cup is their superbowl like America and they also have soccer leagues. 

The Canadians love soccer most. Now back in Nigeria, I want to learn soccer. I report it all the time as a Journalist but can I sit through a game in a posh stadium box?? Kenny Ogunmiloro is the BEST Sports Journalist in Nigeria far as I'm concerned. He works at Star fm 91.5 and he will be my adviser too. Remember I wanna know the game not just report it on newswires.

Who in my fans knows soccer best and would like to teach me?

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