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Friday, November 14, 2014

#HNNMedia Popular #British Online TV Host @REALITIESSUSIE looking for Guests for new Season.

Susie is a very popular British online TV host and I have been on her show before via |Skype. A new season is on the way and she is looking for guests and show ideas. Connect with her on Facebook and see what the show is all about? Check out the note she posted below:

""Hiya guys.
My names is Susie and I am the host of a talk show called "Realities a moment with Susie". I am always looking for guests to join me on the show. Our studio is based in London and the shows are LIVE.
I am also happy to receive suggestions for topics that can be discussed on the show.
U can also contact me if you are interested in placing adverts on the show or sponsoring the show/Shows.
Join the Realities page by visiting the page and clicking liking the page.
See u there guys and have a lovely weekend xxxxx.
Realities A moment with Susie.""

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