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Saturday, November 8, 2014

#HNNLove Dreaming about the DYNAMIC Bayo Oyekan The Social Experiment called #MrsOyekan

Read the full story on Pulse Nigeria as I spoke to my media partner exclusively. I am in a social experiment or a reality show of sorts trying to win the man I want in my life. Join the group for my daily Love Chronicles of #MrsOyekan. Will you get a word off Mr Bayo Oyekan? Nope. He is just watching. Nigerians are also doing the same.

A lot of people may have been thinking that I do not have a heart or the capability to love a man and settle down with one. maybe they have been deceived by my openness on social media but let me tell you that they have been seeing me from a different eye. I am a woman with an open heart and I can also fall in love.
For starters, I met met Bayo Oyekan on Facebook and after a while, I got to realise that he is just like me - open about himself and does not believe in hiding things about himself. We started what we call social experiment and with time, we knew we have a lot in common.
I must also tell you that I am one woman who believes that if you want a man, you go and get him and forget what people will say. I knew I wanted Bayo and I went after him and got him. I am glad that he feels the same way about me. If you see our conversations on the new page I created called The Love Chronicles of Mrs Oyekan, you will see how he dotes on me, calls me sweet names and we are quite close.
I really do love him and I want to marry him. The wedding will be the first of its kind in these parts - on Facebook. My whole family is thrilled that I am getting married and they all want me to.

My father who has issues with his blood pressure has told me that if I get married, his blood pressure will come down by 10%. I am a woman and want to be loved by a man who knows what true love is and I have found him. I am still fertile and want to have one more child.
So for all those who think this is just one of my attention grabbing antics, I want to tell them that I have found the man after my heart and we will soon get married.

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