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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#HNNkids #Video Watch an #American boy aka Devona's son Edward PRONOUNCE my full name.

I was laughing when I watched this video as my Facebook friend Devona said she challenged her kids to pronounce my name. It has been the longest name ever in the world of media but now a household name, the world is trying to pronounce it well. Can't wait for him to lose the paper and then a million dollar prize pack is on the line. lol.

Devona Bell (Facebook)
HURRAY! EDWARD got a 10!! Devona Bell is the most famous American Nigerian on Facebook, so famous we named her Oluremi Bello from the fact that she was fed up of Nigerian men online and she uttered "God Im so tired" and we translated that to Oluremi meaning just that and Bell became Bello. lol


Earlier during the day, I looked for my media archives online to remember how my media colleagues tried pronouncing it during several interviews.

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