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Saturday, November 1, 2014

#BREAKING All VISAS for #Ebola Countries SUSPENDED by #CANADA! My Opinion>>Good Move!

Canada is following in Australia's footsteps and has closed its doors, effectively immediately, to people from the West African countries battling Ebola.

In a move that puts Canada at odds with the World Health Organization, the federal government said Friday it is suspending the issuance of visas for residents and nationals of countries with "widespread and persistent-intense transmission" of Ebola virus disease. As well, work on permanent residence applications for people from the affected countries is also being suspended.

The stress on countries with widespread transmission provides an out for the United States, which currently still has at least one active Ebola case within its borders. At present only three countries meet the definition of widespread and persistent Ebola transmission: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Canada is doing the RIGHT THING! I lived in Toronto 5 years on refugee status. Kicked out cos I was not eligible anymore meanwhile the criminals and terrorists are kept in. The refugee system too lenient for the ppl who don't contribute to society there. I fought gun violence at ABOUT OUR SONS

My personal Immigration Rants aside, banning visas means you won't have to go thru that quarantine BS the Americans are messing with. Everyone's learning from the American nurse Kaci Hicox and her lawsuit and temporary victory. Good move for once Harper! You already got terrorists in there. Deal with that problem first. Thank God Nigeria is Ebola FREE! For the people who live in Canada and from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, do NOT come home this Christmas. They will NOT let you back in. Nigerians, ebola free or not, don't allow yourselves to be stigmatized when you return. The schoolgirl in Connecticut dealt with that and missed 3 weeks of school.

STAY in Canada for now. For real, many North Americans still don't think EBOLA is real. You can shake a victim and get it just from their sweaty palms. We dont even shake in Nigeria anymore. Google the #EbolaHandshake. Only good move the US has made so far is to quarantine their troops on coming back. Our troops are doing the same when they get back here in March 2015.

BUT....unlike Australia, we need Canada to give West Africa money to help. There is so much being done here and money needed in every facet to get education and livelihoods thriving.

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