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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#IamGod Why I can get you the MONEY you need to get your work done.

#IamGOD A month ago, a young man I will call Dele in #Ibadan came to me and asked me to help him as he was having an event and was short of N50K of the N400,000 hall fee. He had approached a wealthy buisnessman and philanthropist who said he didn't recognize his business name and that he was being cautious of 419 boys. He did NOT get the money! You have to be cautious. The young man who I really believed in who I met this year and see how hard he works called me on a Friday to help him put a good word as the event was the following Friday. I made a call to that businessman as we were friends. The bizman told me he had to recognize legit events and businesses and told me to come to his office on Monday and get the N50k for them as he was convinced from what told him. This phone call took 5 mins. I called Dele back and he was speechless! on Monday morning, Dele picked me up, went to the bizman's office and he looked at me and said Kemi should I write this cheque in your name or his? I said write it to Dele. I told Dele to write a letter to thank my rich friend who I know is a GIVER! Many ppl in Ibadan love this guy and his haters will not believe this story if I even mentioned his name.

The bigger picture, Dele got his money, cashed the cheque and paid the hall and his family event went as planned.Some things I do is just miraculous. #IamGOD

I have powers to do the unthinkable!



Abisola Enitan Esho God !! It Unbelievable, U Ar Nt God
18 hrs · Like · 1

Ola Cfc OluwaIsmyshield raise up the dead..bring a person to life.that is the UNTHINKABLE.
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Moradeyo Ifedayo Johnson So you went ahead to smoke pawpaw leaves again. #KOO
17 hrs · Like · 2

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Ola Cfc OluwaIsmyshield all day!! Dead Nigerian cockroaches wake up when I turn them upside down to back up lol
Commented on by Mary Noel · 17 hrs · Like ·1

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Abisola Enitan Esho#IamGod
Commented on by Mary Noel · 17 hrs · Like

Ibironke Azeez Olaotipin U can't be God
17 hrs · Like

Ola Cfc OluwaIsmyshield Lol..Koo..ur a handful
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Atoyebi Taofiq Harmony you know wat fits you, insanity, going gaga will do well. you this stupid woman of the highest other
17 hrs · Like · 1

Abisola Enitan Esho Hmmmm,,,,
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Heyooh Nghocci Even bible made us †̥Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ know that Ǧ̩̩̥D called us small Gods so therefore you ãя̩̥̊e̶̲̥̅̊ a Small Ǧ̩̩̥D and me too before our most high Ǧ̩̩̥D.
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Heyooh Nghocci Atoyebi Taofiq Harmony do you need †̥Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ use awful words on her.
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Oluwatobi Aladetuyi May God forgive you
17 hrs · Like

Judith Claire Ukah Blasphemy!
17 hrs · Like

Smart Chris Wot did u do dat is new in ur eye, what is there bside d rich guy is ur freind and so?
17 hrs · Like

Onyiba Emmanuel Emmanuel FOOL!!!
16 hrs · Like

Toyin Lawanson yeyenatu, small god you are
16 hrs · Like

Olamilekan Babatunde Almonsor Stop all this nonsense Kemi are u insane calling urself God ?
16 hrs · Like

Bukola Elubode Fagbamigbe Conclusion of your power/might to do the unthinkable is mere personal aggrandizing & by no means,ever gets you near the invisible,the omnipotent,the alpha&omega,the limitless God of all creation. Kemi! be cautious! Lest your too much knowledge pervert you. Remember notable mortar beings like Nebucadinezar & Herod in the bible.
16 hrs · Edited · Like

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #IAMGOD
Commented on by Mary Noel · 16 hrs · Like ·1

Prince Iluebe Jafar Kemi omololu olunloyo, it is only one thing that wrong with you! You are controlled by jinns.go and look for where to cure it b4 it wil be too late for you!!!
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True Blue And #kemithegod cant advice Dele to look for a cheaper hall he could pay for instead of him turning himself into a beggar and worshiping god kemi.
15 hrs · Like · 4

Sampson Chikwe Ukah #u all lack knowledge and because of that don't think every one is like you. #Kemi said she is god does not mean being arrogant rather proclaiming who she is. it is even writen in the bible that we are gods. atomatically she is a god and I'm god.
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Durotoye Lanre Akin Madness
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Faseki Sunday Bunmi I know u are looking for what pple will say but in ur write up, Madam my candid advice to u.pls limit ur equality with man never u compare urself to Almighty. Remember king Nebuccadnazzre in the Bible.
15 hrs · Like

Faseki Sunday Bunmi @ ukah try and know d diff between small letter n capital letter when putting words together.thank u.
15 hrs · Like

Alawode Tolu Yetunde I belive u ,madam president u are#gods#
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Oyewale Oyegoke Solomon "Ye are gods"says the bible. I knew long time ago that I am one.
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Oyewale Oyegoke Solomon "Ye are gods"says the bible. I knew long time ago that I am one.
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Ezeonyirimba Ifeoma Faith she didnt use small letter "#Iamgod but she used d capital letter 'G '
14 hrs · Like

Goldman Avery Richard Your claim to GODhood is a confirmation of your reputation for megalomania and atavistic fantasy, when you become a billionaire and rid Africa of malaria and polio then we can discuss your GODhood. Until then, I suggest you volunteer for Red Cross and put your money where your mouth is.
13 hrs · Like

Justice Must Be Done May God have mercy on you and make you. a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
12 hrs · Edited · Like

Tereza Orji KOO the noise maker,u are back again with ur noise!,u can never be God,and i pray for u this day that the lord God forgivs you.
12 hrs · Like

Adeyemi Suco Oyesunkanmi dis woman needs our help pls let's pray for her
11 hrs · Like

Harshonibare Gbenga pls if truly u ar God,command ebola nd every other diseases affecting naija like corruption, hiv, indicisipline, self centrednex, poverty e.t.c to be out of our land........see u, shame on u, u dare not compare urself wt d creator of heaven and earth.
11 hrs · Like · 1

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Harshonibare GbengaEbola is already gone in Naija, Corruption Im still working on. U the masses are the fraudsAdeyemi Suco Oyesunkanmi keep praying TO ME, Not for me #IamGod
Commented on by Mary Noel · 10 hrs · Like ·1

Ifeanyichukwu Friday Ngwodo Kon GOD ALMIGHTY 4giv u IJN
10 hrs · Like

Mas'ud Ishaq Hans Jnr Don't be so proud and arrogant cause that's what chase the Devil from. what he's
10 hrs · Like

Tayo LaoTzu Hopewell I know KOO is high tonight ... Kush thingz
9 hrs · Like · 1

Ogunmoyole Modupe You are nt God nd u can neva b Godn d God of d whol universe
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