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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#HNNTraffic Americans HATE Roundabouts aka CIRCLES. Many are popping up in US Cities! #LMAO

More roundabouts are showing up in Wisconsin. In fact there are now more than 300 of them in the state. The state DOT conducted a study that shows a significant drop in serious and/or fatal accidents at intersections because of the traffic configuration. 

Are you on board with them? Tell us why or why not. I personally hate them in Nigeria as people don't know how to yield to the drivers with the right of way in them. Below is what some AMERICANS SAID.

    • Erin E. Markiewicz If something as simple as a roundabout confuses you, then maybe you shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car. They are great, no stopping and idling wasting gas at a light, and kinda fun.
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      • Elizabeth Krill OH, you do have to stop when there is a lot of traffic Ferrising around in them. And when your lane doesn't line up with entering or exiting, you need to watch for people in the lane next to you. And at night, where are the marker lights so you can see the thing? Your car lights shine straight, not bent.
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      • Cory Seymour ^ A what? That makes no sense?
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
    • Karen Pauli Get rid of the dam things!!! they're too confusing. I'm surprised they don't CAUSE more accidents!
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    • Tim Gumz I am and I'm not. They are not that hard to navigate and they do cut down in major accidents.
      Where I am not on board is they do not seem to design them big enough for semi's to navigate around without popping up on the inner curb or using all available lanes of traffic to squeeze through.
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    • Nick Flitcroft They are awesome, Clearly i am in the minority, But when used properly (which seems most people don't understand the concept) They are great. Just think of the time it cuts down traveling down Mooreland Rd. by I-43 that always took a good portion of time, not that their are round about it's a breeze getting through their, I also can't remember the last time i actually SAW an accident or the aftermath of one besides the semi rolling over at I-43 and Racine Ave. Which is most likely do to driver error than the actual round about itself. More people need to read up or watch a small video on how to approach, enter, and leave a Round about....hint hint, Might be a good news segment 
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      • Brian Lovato Occasionally I go NB on Moorland before turning left onto 43. Half the time SB traffic will NOT yield. Almost got creamed more times than I care to mention.
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
    • Sherry Opine Why are people so against change for the better? Once people get used to using them, they are great for keeping the traffic moving. It's really not that difficult. Don't be afraid...
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    • Nicholas Hardrath The people that are against them are the ones who don't know how to use them properly. They are so easy to use and if you are confused about them you shouldn't be driving.
      Like · Reply · 6 · 1 hr
      • Anthony Faulkner  we have them here where I live. I don't understand how people find them confusing? Lol wtf really? You yield and go and get off in the direction you need to go in lol.
        Like · 4 · 1 hr
      • Nicholas Hardrath Right! People are just idiots and really shouldn't be on the road driving if you can't figure out something as simple as a round a bout.
        Like · 2 · 1 hr
      • Anthony Faulkner Lol people in the North say people in the South are stupid lol idk man seems like y'all have a few up that way too reading the comments here.  had a good morning laugh for sure. The lady complaining about not seeing it at night and not being able to get off lol what?
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      • Nicholas Hardrath Yeah we have a lot of idiots up here too. Lol. I was going to reply to her comment but I decided not to waste my breath. 
        Like · 1 · 50 mins
      • TaƱa Buck Well part of the issue is that you have to worry about people who don't know how to use them so that's why I don't like them.
      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

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