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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#HNNTerror Canadian Terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau Could have WIPED OUT the entire Government! #OttawaShooting

KOO with Julian Fantino in Canada 2011
The Canadian terror attack is still under investigation and left 3 people shot, one soldier dead plus I heard Julian Fantino was with PM Stephen Harper when the SHOOTING STARTED. Security was breached BIG TIME! How many ppl estimated will be getting their pink slips Friday you think??

Fantino was once ASSISTANT DEFENCE MINISTER MINISTER and once Toronto's  Fmr Chief of Police.

If that MORON got far, he would have sprayed Harper, Fantino and the entire NDP who were having their Wednesday Caucus meetings. When he killed the guard outside at War Memorial, how did he distract everyone and GET INSIDE?

Alleged terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau would have wiped the entire government out! They must find the rest of them home grown terror is the worst thing ever!

However it goes, Fantino wrote on his Facebook page thanking authorities for keeping them safe.

My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and colleagues of the soldier who has died as a result of the attack today.
Our Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers, bravely dealt with one of the threats this morning and saved lives today on Parliament Hill. He truly is a hero.
I want to thank the police and security staff for keeping us safe.
To the first responders who are dealing with this situation right now, my thoughts are with you and I want to commend you for your courage.

To everyone in Ottawa, please stay safe.

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