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Monday, October 27, 2014

#HNNPolitics Nigerians say that #RELIGION definitely HURTS #Politics

‪#‎TalkbackHNN‬ Nothing wrong with Muslim-Muslim ticket —Buhari
AGAINST the backdrop of widespread speculations in the past few months that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) might be toying with a joint Muslim ticket for the 2015 presidential election, former Head of State and leading APC presidential aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has declared that he is not opposed to such an arrangement.

Does RELIGION harm Nigerian politics or helps it? Most modern countries just elect leaders, Nigeria has to choose their religion first. ‪#‎HNNNigeria‬

  • Dominic Sunday RELIGION HARM: that is the problem faceing Nigeria.but muslim is the cause of problem faceing nigeria 2day b/c their want to be ruleing Nigeria nd tURn Nigeria to a muslim country which can never happen.mAY God help us.AMEN.
  • Bashiru Adebayor M it is very good to be firm, a leader shouldnt encourage tribalism, factionalism, secterialism and religion partisanship.
  • Saheed Omosanjo Until we move away from religious and ethnicity politics that's when we can move forward.How many Muslim head of state and how many Christian head of state as a Northerner and Southerners have rules Nigeria and what have we as a nation achieved under...See More
  • Timothy Sogo The problem is that everyone is scared of what buhari regime will turn out to be. Truth to be said, i have encountered some post and articles, regarding to islamising nigeria. There is a body now presently at abuja(islamic in africa organisation, found...See More
  • Omojadesola Debo Afosi Religion harms Nigeria politics greatly,I believe we should separate religion from politics,it does do a great harm to our nation.
  • Abdulaziz Emiade Hamza Olokodana Both Buhari & his number two (tunde Idiagbon), were muslims during Buhari's tenure as amilitary head of state & they achieved a lot. Our Democracy is primitive for now. Voters are swayed more by religiou & sectional interests than by competence. Someday we would see beyond this myopia when electing leaders.
  • Gbolahan Olomide #dominicsunday I disagree wit ur opinion. Apartheid system of Governance will take us nowhere,all we need do is to elect with our leaders witout nepotism. There is nothing wrong with Muslim/Muslim flagship neither with Xtian/Xtian. We shd choose our leaders with better yardsticks rather than religion,as our leaders are statistical representatives of who we are.
  • Ogundijo Missblues Aminat its funny when i see immature kids putting their mouth in adult talk dominic sunday your comment is a very bad one, madam koo u need to block that guy.
  • Ogundijo Missblues Aminat at the last election i vote for jonathan because i think he is the right man for the job that time am a muslim i dont care if a candidate is a muslim or christian.
  • Ogundijo Missblues Aminat boko haram are not muslims but fools islam and christianity are religions of peace, i wiill vote for any candidate regardless of his or her religion@dominic sunday you need to grow up.
  • Oladepo Oluwasegun With the speculations goin on in the air, that they want to turn Nigeria to lslamic country, l want to vote 4 APC (presidential) lf APC go 4 muslim muslim ticket l wil nt vote them. Personal belied
  • Odebunmi OluKunle Solomon Ple let us ignore Dominic, you guys sud understand people from that region, they can go to hell with their votes and nothing will hpn
  • Odebunmi OluKunle Solomon @Oladepo, and you also believe those people that are saying that?? If you believe them i bet u can believe anything
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  • Ogada Isaac Friday Everythng is wrong wth muslim-muslim ticket.i am very sure d muslim wl neva allow christian-christian ticket
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  • Fagbuyi Adeboboye govr mimiko of ondo state was a muslim. Today, he is a christian. Religion is a choice. If any one is thinking dat religion shld be a basis for political leadership, i think dat person shld go back to skul. Where we are in nigeria today, i beliv we nee...See More
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  • Henry Kpraiz Smart Arghhhhhhg
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  • Henry Kpraiz Smart Nigeria is in a critical and desperate position...buhari z d right iv u truly lived in a northern enviroment lyk jos,kano,kaduna,bauchi...all ur life u wud surly knw dat dia z sumtin rng wit muslim/muslim govt...
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  • Hajji Haruna Tukur Let not be sentimental in our comments @ Dominic Sunday
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  • Lanre Adeola Please what did Buhari/Idiagbon achieve as military head of state? Apart from gross human right abuses...what else? My fear is not about religion but about an unstructured party called APC's desperation to snatch power.
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  • Osaye Ogunbor Cfr Sai Buhari.
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  • Chukwu Uche Apostle Marcel in as much as i dont believe in religion as a yardstick in picking our leaders, but we cannot deny the fact it plays major role,Muslim/Muslim ticket may not be a bad thinh, but its certainly a political blunder on the side of the APC, but one thing is ...See More
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  • Adegoke Adeoye It is a known fact that religion plays vital role in Nigerian politics. Buhari & his cohorts hv hidden agenda of turnin ds country to 'Islamic' country, otherwise, why such obnoxious arrangement? Well am nt deterred cos am 100% sure dat Buhari CANNOT WIN TILL HE DIES BY GOD'S GRACE.
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  • Agboola Olanrewaju Hypocrisy....but there will be something wrong with Xtian-xtian ticket.....then they will remember Nigeria is a muslim country....
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  • Olamilekan Adeshina Tolani Some pple av been brainwashed. Poverty does not know religion. Vote wisely.
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  • Adeyemi Adeoluwa Those who have done this country most wicked things did so under two covers: religion and ethnicity. Anyone who aspires to lead this country should be cheked that he or she is not plagued with the terrible diseases called "religiousiosis" and "ethnicocitis". I'm sure Buhari has the two diseases. Let APC look for another worthy candidate from their camp...IF ANY!
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  • Samuel Nweke Am optimistic that GEJ must and will deffinitely win come 2015.buhari n co ar serial losers.
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  • Matthew Olufemi Dkingsown Owoyemi get use to it this is Nigeria
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  • Yusuff Ismaeel Semsem so sorry for some fool in koo platform
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  • Yusuff Ismaeel Semsem so sorry for some fool in koo's platform
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  • Akintemi Eric Oluwafisayo The strong opposition to xtianity in d core north is enough to let us know what could happen if anybody dare try xtian-xtian ticket. OR what about d threat that Goodluck should denounce xtianity?
    Mimiko is still a muslim #HeHasAmosqueInHIShouseTillDATE. A servant cannot serve two masters. He only claim to be a member of RCCG because of the political techicality to win d heart of His people. 
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  • Fasasi Abdulkabir Abiodun Are you not in Nigeria when Erelu Obada and Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola ruled over Osun state. Were both not Christians. Any one who is foolish enough to vote along the present argument is only doing a disservice to Nigeria and Nigerians. All we need is the right candidate for the positions. Please let us be objective in our reasoning.
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  • Tolulope Esan I taya o
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