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Sunday, October 26, 2014

#HNNOPINION: Why I remain the Biggest FEAR for #Nigerian Men #HNNNigeria

The BIGGEST FEAR for Nigerian men is Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
NONE can survive me on a Facebook thread. I constantly KNOCK them down. Last night's victim Ekundayo Awe, one unhealthy looking walking heart attack on Phil Smart's page. I always WANT a man when one is wanted, I never NEED a man! Nigerian men especially those married types have been used to this lifetime domination of treating our dumbass mumu women like shit. U can't try that bullshit with me. Contrary to all your online rumours. I am 50, never married, never divorced
Single, strong and proud of my high self esteem. If I ever marry, the man will be UNDER ME!
The average Nigerian woman just wants to be called MRS something AND GET ABUSED PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. For this bitch Ndidi Nwankwo, 4 months pregnant and repeatedly abused and stayed, she is now called "MRS REST IN PEACE" Autopsy pictures Oct 18th 2014

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