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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#HNNOpinion What Differentiates a Journalist from a Reporter and Blogger in Nigeria

 Many of my new fans are illiterates adding to the more illiterate fans I already have. So many of you say you want to be informed and want to learn from me so pay attention. I am an International Journalist meaning that I report WORLD NEWS! Viewers, Listeners, readers all around the world follow my work.

My specific beats are Investigative, Opinion, Music, Health and Gun Crimes. I am not a writer or blogger, I am referred to as a Journalist and Professional Blogger. I studied Broadcast Journalism, NOT Mass Communications. There is a Difference. STOP telling me I am biased. An Opinion Journalist is opinionated, never biased. I am blunt and straight with what I write or how I address people. If you meet me in public and ask me for my phone number, I simply tell you that I don't share my number with the public rather than tell you I dont have a phone or some other excuse. I do NOT LIE! I keep it real.

Stop calling every reporter a Journalist. You are too used to that in Nigeria. Many in Nigeria do not have a degree in Journalism. They are news reporters as they studied Mass Comm, an obsolete degree outside the shores of Nigeria. Dele Momodu has never called himself a Journalist, why would anyone? He is simply a magazine publisher and writer who studied English. Linda Ikeji's profile on one fan page she said she doesn't own reads Journalist, she is a blogger. A professional blogger is a blogger who is a Journalist or reporter, so Linda is a blogger. We maintain a weblog. the format of our pages are NOT websites. They are blogs u scroll down per story. I was one of te first bloggers on PYRA in 1999 in the USA. Pyra sold to Google and Blogger was created. I was THERE!

To the young broadcasters who look up to me, thank u. One day I will open a Journalism Institute in Nigeria.

Now that I have cleared things, keep learning from me and Goodmorning Nigeria!!!

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