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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#HNNHealth US Ambassador Power Ends her Tour of #Ebola stricken West Africa

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US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power has ended her tour to West Africa with a message that the World has the capability to end the outbreak of Ebola, but needs to act faster. She addressed the press at the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Accra, Ghana.

After visiting the three countries hit hardest by the virus - Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia - she toured the UN agency set up in Accra to co-ordinate the response.

Ms Power said she was impressed by the what the region's leaders have done to fight the outbreak, but also challenged countries that are yet to their honour pledges of support to step up.

The UN has received commitments for less than half of the resources it says are needed to bring the disease under control. The plan is to have all infected people treated and all bodies buried safely by the end of the year. From here, Ambassador Power is scheduled to travel to Brussels for the final leg of her trip.

We need to be facing how to stop an outbreak, instead we are focusing on the wrong things, everyone's suing over quarantines, Liberians being stigmatized and Africans unnecessarily bullied. Countries like Australia not getting involved and shutting its doors on the 3 countries until GOD FORBID an Australian of West African descent travels back home for Christmas and returns January vomiting blood and develops a high fever. Everyone must get involved now!

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