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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#HNNHealth Second #Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson discharged from hospital and #EbolaFree

Amber Vinson
Amber Vinson, a nurse who fueled Ebola fears by flying to Cleveland after being infected by her dying patient in Dallas, is now virus-free, and was celebrated Tuesday by her caregivers as courageous and passionate before getting out of the hospital.

Dr. Bruce Ribner, an infectious disease expert who oversaw Vinson's recovery at Emory University Hospital, said fellow medical workers "deeply admire Ms. Vinson's care and courage in caring for patients with serious communicable diseases. Nurses are on the front line 24 hours a day in treating our patients."

Ribner said doctors were "not sure" why Vinson and fellow Dallas nurse Nina Pham recovered so quickly from the virus, given its traditional high mortality rate. Some theories doctors have suggested include the young age of the two nurses, as well as the fact that they probably got a relatively low "viral load" when they were exposed due to their protective gear.

Emory University Hospital spokeswoman Holly Korschun later confirmed that Vinson received blood plasma from Ebola survivor Kent Brantley, and said Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol also donated her plasma, but it wasn't ultimately needed.

So everyone gets Dr Kent Brantley's holy blood and they are healed.  He sure is a good samaritan when needed, Brantley worked for aid group Samaritan's purse in Liberia when he contracted Ebola and was flown home to the US. he has since donated blood to a number of US victims.

With files from CBS News

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