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Thursday, October 30, 2014

#HNNHealth Panic at #Nigerian airport as #EbolaFree Survivor arrives from #SierraLeone

Panic Wednesday at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos after a Nigerian, who survived Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone arrived aboard Royal Air Maroc.
The man, whose identity was given as Mr. Theophilus Onnakhinon, was flown from Sierra Leone by the airline while his younger brother, Mr. Chinedu Eroka was said to have absconded from the Sierra Leonean authorities.

Sources told newsmen that Onnakhinon had already been cured of the dreaded disease and had been certified fit by the health authorities of that country few weeks back.

The source who would not want his name in print claimed that Onnakhinon was assisted into the country by the Nigeria’s consular officer, Mrs. T. Mohammed in order to avoid stigmatization by the Nigerian health officials and other authorities at the airport.

He was immediately handed over to Port Health officials at the Nigerian airport so as to be quarantined and tested by authorities who told #HNNHealth that they wanted to make sure Sierra Leonian authorities had done their job. 

That to me is proper procedure and not violating anyone's right. Meanwhile Kaci Hicox the US nurse is still battling her country's authorities with her quarantine war. Better safe than sorry.

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