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Friday, October 24, 2014

#HNNHealth Decontee Kofa (@D_ChicAfrique) Wife of #PatrickSawyer raising money and Supplies for #Liberia #Ebola

Patrick Sawyer's wife Decontee Kofa speaks out more on twitter these days and I would love to interview her soon. Every news website in Nigeria has Nigerians hating on her. You remember her husband deliberately infected the staff at First Consultants Hospital in Obalende, Lagos which caused a domino effect infecting Nigeria of Ebola.

Now comes word that Decontee can't get her husband's death benefits, $1700 a month. In America, to get Survior's benefits, you must produce the core document which is the DEATH CERTIFICATE. Without that you cannot claim any money. The Nigerian government has not given her. She has now contacted her lawmakers who should really contact the US Embassy in Abuja to facilitate this.

I also have adult children in the USA and know about those benefits God forbid I died. One of her kids is also autistic and I raised an autistic kid as well so I know the burden on this woman is going to be big.

Kofa-Sawyer has also been busy with groups in Minnesota educating schools about Ebola and started a Kofa Foundation raising money and supplies to go to Liberia. While some family are so stigmatized by other Americans, Decontee is doing her part in the community to educate others. .

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