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Monday, October 27, 2014

#HNNHealth #Dallas Nurse Sidia Rose said Thomas Eric Duncan LIED to hospital about his EXPOSURE to #Ebola

Nurse Sidia Rose
So much speculation about Thomas Eric Duncan and him being a good Samaritan aiding a pregnant woman infected with Ebola into a cab. A US nurse is now saying that woman was his pregnant daughter who Duncan lied about as having died in childbirth and not Ebola. We may never know how he contracted it. Liberian authorities too were trying to prosecute him when he RETURNED to Liberia because he allegedly lied on travel forms as well.

Sidia Rose told “60 Minutes” that Duncan said during his second trip to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas that he had not been in contact with anyone who had been sick.

“I explained to him, ‘We are under the impression that you may have been exposed to Ebola.’ And I said, ‘Where are you from?’ And he told me Liberia,” she said.

“And I asked ‘Have you been in contact with anyone who's been sick?’ ” “No. He said no,” Rose said.

Rose said Duncan then told her that his family had suffered a loss in Liberia. Duncan added that his daughter, who had died in childbirth, did not have Ebola, however.

Rose said Duncan later denied that story, about his travels and the death of his pregnant daughter, to Texas state health officials.

Nurses in the emergency room and intensive care unit also described efforts to protect themselves from Ebola as well as Duncan’s final days.

Rose said her neck was exposed during her initial questioning of Duncan in the emergency room, adding that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols were deficient.

Rose also described Duncan as “very kind and appreciative.”

“Even something as simple as me just giving him cold wash cloth to cool his face down because his fever wasn't breaking-- even that he was grateful for. He told me thanks,” she said.

Rose said she’s passed the 21-day monitoring period for her contact with Duncan but is still being monitored for possible exposure from Nina Pham, a nurse who treated Duncan and contracted Ebola.

“I've been asymptomatic. My temperature has been rock solid,” she said.

With files from CBSNews

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