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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#BREAKING #Zambia's President Michael Sata Dead at 77 in UK Hospital #HNNMemorial #HNNPolitics

Zambian President Michael Sata has died at the age of 77 after receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness in London. many said he was too old to be leading that country to start with. Africa is changing. Young leadership is needed. May he rest in peace.


Hillary Tochi Uche 77yrs and still a president, what about the 55 year old man out there, somewhere in the streets of Zambia who has the zeal for making a good country. 77yrs and still a president, will he be able to wake up at midnight or very early in the morning to br...See More
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Martin Mwale hey, we overwhelmingly voted for him...infact he has bn president for only 3yrs.
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Royson Edwards M he still wanted to run for another term
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Allan Kafusha we will miss he
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Chikondi Chimutu Politics in Africa is flooded with people of that age group,not many youths are in the politics for a long time.Even if they vie for the presidency they will always be treated as novice.Are Africans ready for youth presidency?Politics being politics in Africa has its tricks,, twists and turns.For the time being let the old rule us.
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Nomthunzi Amanda Wadzanai Mpofulol 77 is nothing my friend, check other countries nearby. you will be shocked
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Keldo Hunk Carlos 77 he was still hardworking then the 55years old thiefs.
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Bryan Kabanda Either way too bad
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Musunga X-chequer Kapaya Even for him to have had that seat for a day,we wud hv voted for him! That's how much we loved him
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Ehikwe Glory Anwirin Robert Mugabe?
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Tabi Valery mine is 80+
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Gideon J A Kumwenda wat about mugabe?
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ﺩﻱ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ i feel u are also African. we have our problems in Africa and we accept bt there is a shona proverb (zimbabwe) which says He who is dead is now a good man.. what it means is lets forgive the dead and not speak ill of them so that they travel well in the other world they are now. We hurt each other when we are alive bt once death rules its the hand of God at to Sata we say Rest İp Peace..whatever we wronged each other whilst n this earth we forgive . let Gods justice and mercy be upon you. we pray Amen
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Hillary Tochi Uche In the case of Mugabe, its wrong beacuse it's no longer democracy, he has been in power for over 20 years. Thats the mindset that should be kicked out of Africa. It's not good. Variety is the spice of life.
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Winkie Italiano Mushota Royson take a chill peal that utter nonsanse from hearsays just after winning he said I will only run 4 a term,,,be sincire in what you write,,,
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Vernon Malanda This is no time for your statement we are mourning a great man find other avenues, thank u.
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Bpalace Andre Hunter jeez. what human will vote a 70year old man as president? do u even love the person? I wouldn't vote my pappi at 75 for president....
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David Ezekiel Then Uche what do you have to say about Zimbabwe's Robert Mogabe who is about 88yrs old.. Not that I am in support of old men ruling but his is still better...
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Limz Micheal Zimba It hard for us to understand this issue he promise his pipo all the things they want.
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David Ezekiel RIP Sir...
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Gustone Shebby Sikombe Even If He Has Gone, I Will Stil Vote For Him Just 2 Show How Much Have Loved Him!.Rest In Peace My Presido.
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Teddy J Mumba uche polo yako
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Joy Errico Kalaba Uche ??? Do You know what that 77year old man did for our great nation...??? His done a lot which some of the young african president have failed and will never do... So please take a sit!
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Mundane Independence CelebrationTeddy Mumba panyo pako! Chikala atase!
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Brighan Whiteson Mwanza He changed the country, that's what matters and not this Nonsense you vomiting!!
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Amuna Onzuna @hillary, guy to make it in zed is so tough, so our old folks down here still have the energy like real power, and they are fighters till the last drop.#ifyoucanmakeitinzambiayoucanmakeitanywhere
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Brian Muchada Masimbarase Uche, i am an African and a Zimbabwean Michael Sata with his countries proximity to my country i feel the pain of the Zambians who voted him into power over his death its like my neighbours father is dead so i mourn .The fact that he was 77 is nothing my favourite president is 90 years now my Robert Mugabe.His age brings with it an understanding of african as africans believe in our elders wisdom t guide us he has young guys in the cabinet in government departments but they go to him for his wisdom and guodance .we do not bury the wise because they are old we are africans.
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Keldo Hunk Carlos Even at the age of 100 i cud av voted 4 him...
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Mario Junior bad minds mi wish dem die all... NUH TO OLD LEADERSHIP
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Valentino Lual Kech President kiir of our Country South Sudan, may declared day(s) of Mourning with Zambians who voted for today late President Michael Sata. I was so worry since he left for treatment. may God RIP.
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Mundane Independence CelebrationBrian Muchada is a wiseman! Much love, bro !
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Emmanuel Makuyu That Old Man You Are Refering To Changed The Face Of Zambia He Worked Like A Young Vibrant Man Who Fought Coruption & Developed Our Country.Why Dont You Say That To Your West African Countries & Stop VomitinG Rubbish Tell This To Your Own President Idiot!!!!!!!
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Sungani Kamale Malawi mourns with you Zambia. We have alot in common & we are one. May his soul rest in peace. His death should remind us all that such a day shall come for everyone.
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Ehikwe Glory Anwirin Sincere condolence.
With love from Nigeria.
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Keldo Hunk Carlos Thanx Naija.
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Ismaila Karanta Bojang Jr. Gambians mourns with you Zambias, may he rest in peace!
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Keldo Hunk Carlos Thanx Gambia
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Hugo Mubabe Our late President managed to transform our Country into a Construction site because of massive developmental projects he embarked such as new Primary and Secondary schools, Hospitals, roads, universities in all 10 provinces during his short rule. he...See More
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Ekhiamen Nyembezi Shumba On behalf of my fellow malawians I say we are very sorry our Familly of Zambia
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Keldo Hunk Carlos Thanx malawi
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