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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#BREAKING #HNNMemorial Remembering Mrs Stella Obasanjo #Nigeria's First lady 9 YEARS LATER!

TODAY is October 23rd 2014 and NINE years we lost Her Excellency Mrs Stella Obasanjo and Former FIRST LADY of Nigeria. 

#RIP First Lady Stella Obasanjo(14 November 1945 – 23 October 2005)

She died while undergoing elective liposuction in an exclusive clinic in Spain under the care of a non licensed doctor who nobody knew at the time. She was preparing for her 60th birthday on November 14th 2005. 

On October 23rd 2005, we LOST a dynamic woman. An alumni and a Teresian. Between me and Nike Agbaje, one of us will be Nigeria's FIRST Female President. I flew home from America in 2005 and accompanied my elderly father to her funeral. Here are the pictures some of you may never have seen before I created the page. Teresians remember First Lady Mrs Stella Obasanjo today on the 9th anniversary of her passing. Pls observe a moment of silence today. 

Pls Post CONDOLENCE UNDER THE POSTS on Facebook. She was our most famous alumni at St Teresa's College, Ibadan, Nigeria. Remember Sister Agnes said in the 70's that we were gonna get a President and a First Lady. 

We got TWO First Ladies, Mrs Lam Adesina (Fmr Oyo State 1st Lady) and MRS STELLA OBASANJO.

I'm still gonna be the Female Presido. I flew down from America for this funeral. Here are the funeral pics and program  in my school's Facebook. 

Thank you
Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
#STC80 Class of 1980

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