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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Virginia Raggi, #Rome's first female Mayor ready to shake up ETERNAL city #HNNGov

Rome's first woman mayor is also the youngest in the city's almost 2,800-year history. Virginia Raggi, a 37-year-old lawyer from an anti-establishment party, won in a landslide victory. She's set to shake up the eternal city.

Remembering Michael Jackson 7 YEARS LATER, he's accused of more pedophilia #RIPMichaelJackson

Detectives convinced Michael Jackson molested his nephews

Michael is remembered but new investigations still accuses him of molesting his nephews.

Investigators were convinced Michael Jackson preyed on his own nephews, several sources involved in the criminal probe told The Post.

Santa Barbara County detectives interviewed two of Jackson’s nephews and another family member while investigating the King of Pop for child molestation in 2004-2005, but believe Jacko silenced his family with gifts and threats.

“We received a credible tip about the nephews and, as with many things that happened during the investigation, Jackson’s people got wind of it and Jackson spirited the one boy off to an island,” said a former county detective. “Well, when that boy returned, Jackson had also purchased him a brand new car which we understood, along with the trip, was to shut the nephew up.”

OMG! Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham is DEAD! #HNNMemorial

bill cunningham ny times photographer

Bill Cunningham, one of the most recognizable figures at The New York Times and in all of New York, died Saturday. He was 87.

Cunningham was a street life photographer; a cultural anthropologist; a fixture at fashion events; and a celebrity in spite of his desire to keep the camera focused on others, not himself.

His death, several days after suffering a stroke, was announced by The Times, where he worked for almost four decades.


The newspaper's publisher Arthur Sulzberger said in a statement, "We have lost a legend, and I am personally heartbroken to have lost a friend."

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Know the laws. You can EMBED my videos into your blogs or download it only into your devices. That is what the option is for. You can also SHARE them to your pages. Tokunbo Aboderin got 5 removed from hers last night and her defamation channel is eligible for permanent suspension. Don't let it happen to you. Watch all my videos here or Respect copyright! Stop stealing intellectual property.


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Why Nigerians are calling Kemi Olunloyo a Prophet of DOOM #HNNImpact

I have that talent. I can predict things good or bad. The End!

Actor Jide Kosoko promises to BREAK SILENCE on what KILLED his wife Henrietta #HNNMemorial

We're waiting for you Jide Kosoko. Simple question I asked and the world freaked out. I simply said an actor who lost 3 wives in a row should be investigated for ritualism, something prevalent in Nollywood. Suddenly all bloggers and magazines quoted me as saying HE KILLED HIS WIVES with tituals.

Credits: Global Excellence June 21st 2016

Why Nigerians like to BEG me for EVERYTHING yet I'm the Attention Seeker #HNNImpact

I never seek attention. Attention seeks me. Y'all need my attention inboxing me ur requests, school fees, social problems, jobs, all ur crap lolz. How can anyone call me an attention seeker when they clearly seek mine? I'm the BOSS!

I love y'all!


Tipster says @DayoAmusa can NEVER have children as her Pussy has been RITUALIZED for cash #HNNImpact

There is someone in my inbox now asking me to do a new story about Dayo Amusa on how she can't ever have kids in her lifetime because she sacrificed her pussy for money rituals. We know she's getting paid from different men as I reported before. I think I already finished with her but these Nollywood ritualism is getting out of hand.

Find out who really OWNS @LindaIkeji's Banana Island mansion #HNNMoney

When I told Nigerians this house was a gift to kill a story and the money came from Dasuki cash, you said I was jealous. Linda has now denied ownership of this N500M mansion. FIRS says she owes N75M in taxes. Ole! So who owns the house Linda?

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