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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Here are the members of the #BinLaden family that died in plane crash! #HNNTravel

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Pictures released of #BinLaden family killed in UK plane crash


Here's what happens when you got a sex toy and told it was a beauty product #HNNSex

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What happened when people were given sex toys and told they were beauty products 


Second piece of #MH370 debris is not debris afterall #HNNTravel

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A second piece of possible MH370 debris turns out to be a 'domestic ladder' 


British Airways crack down on hand luggage #HNNTravel

Changes to airline hand luggage allowance
Credits: Alamy
British Airways has reduced the size of hand luggage after claiming that passenger bags were getting so big it was causing regular flight delays.

The airline, which allows each person to have two bags in the cabin, is almost halving the size of the “personal” bag.

Thousands of BA passengers will be affected by the tighter restrictions which will be enforced later this month. From August 18, passengers will be limited to personal bags no bigger than 40x30x15cm – compared with the current maximum of 45x36x20cm.

It could lead to many travellers having to buy new luggage or even buying smaller laptops.

The size of the main piece of hand luggage – which is often a wheel-on bag – will remain the same at 56x45x25cm.

#BREAKING #Toronto Rapper Shane Redway DEAD in car crash! #HNNmemorial.

Toronto rapper Redway was reportedly among the three people killed in a fiery crash on Highway 427 early Saturday morning.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. on the Highway 427 northbound ramp to the westbound Highway 401 when a Honda Accord struck the right side of the guardrail, according to the OPP.

Two people were found dead in the car and one was pulled out of the vehicle for resuscitation. Police have not released the age or gender of those deceased but Sgt. Kerry Schmidt with Toronto OPP confirmed the incident involved a male driver.

Moments after the crash, passersby also pulled a third person, a woman, from the car before it was fully engulfed in flames. She was taken to hospital and was later pronounced dead. Police have not released her age.

Nigeria indicted by America for using Child soldiers to fight #Bokoharam #HNNTerror


United States’ government has accused Civilian JTF of recruiting children to fight Boko Haram insurgents, adding that Nigeria also remains a source, transit and destination country for women and children that are being subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

The latest report on Trafficking in Persons released by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, described Nigeria as a transit point for West African children subjected to forced labour.

The report also stated that West African women were taken through Nigeria to other destinations in Europe and the Middle East, where they are forced into prostitution.

This is terrible news but not surprising yet we have anti-gay laws violating basic human rights! I once educated Canadians about this awful phenomena called Child soldiers when my son was chosen to star in Shawn Boothe's video.

With Files from Daily Post

#BREAKING PRESS RELEASE: Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Urges Nigerian Government to REPEAL Anti-Gay Law

Credits @HNNAfrica
The International Journalist urges Nigerians and National Assembly to overide culture and religion and recognize human rights for Nigeria's Gays and Lesbians going about their business and not harming anyone.

PRLog - Aug. 2, 2015 - IBADAN, Nigeria  Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo a US trained Nigerian International Journalist, Global Gun Violence Activist, Pharmacist and Public Relations Specialist has denounced the ongoing onslaught of the Nigerian Homosexual law giving stiff prison penalties to Nigerians who are just being themselves. "The Nigerian government and lawmakers have given themselves the license to represent the people stating that God does not endorse homosexuality. God also does not endorse hate, ritualism, rape, polygamy, suicide bombing girls and baby factories" she said. It is simply hatred. Asked why she never follows her fans on twitter, she blamed it on homophobia stating that she does not follow hate and all Nigerians are "hell bent" on homophobia.

Omololu-Olunloyo also wants the government to know that President Buhari's visit to the United States should have addressed this law and not brushed it aside with American President Obama. "America is not telling us to legalize gay marriage, they are only telling us that when you have law abiding citizens going about their own business not bothering anyone, they should not be scrutinized and stripped of their rights of being themselves." She also tweeted on her handle @HNNAfrica that Uganda dropped their anti-gay law after four months and one day Nigeria will do the same. "It's very costly economically for a country like ours with no jobs for youth. We can never be chosen to host the Olympics, World Cup and other global events for this reason. We can't be a host country to anything and already our image as one of the African countries promoting such hate is tarnished."

Omololu-Olunloyo also spoke about last week's denouncing of homophobia by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who lashed out at the stabbing attack at an Israeli Gay Pride rally injuring teens. Netanyahu stated that he will continue to lead his cuntry against hatred and homophobia. Israel ironically is a country Nigerians flock to for their annual Christian pilgrimages. "Contrary to popular belief, God does not hate gays" she said and "does not call anyone with a generic name" as she cited a pro gay tweet by Pope Francis.

She advices Nigerian lawmakers to listen to the tough messages President Barack Obama delivered at the African Union Summit about African leaders with anti-gay laws during his trip to Kenya and Ethiopia in July 2015. "Hate should never reign in Nigeria. This is why we have such groups like Boko Haram killing many in Northern Nigeria. We must stop fostering hate and stop human rights abuses. Hate is un-African" she stated.

How Tom Cruise held his breath for 6 mins in new MOVIE! #HNNShowbiz

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How Tom Cruise held his breath for 6 minutes in underwater stunt in new #MissionImpossible


Check Out This Igbo 24 Year Old Nigerian SLUT Who Says She Has Slept With 600 Men #HNNSex

2 (27)

Why hide her face? The unidentified lady claims she slept with over 600 men in a year. That is definitely an exaggeration because we only have 365 days in a year and if you had every day with different men, (which is impossible, cmon!) you still have to account for about 235 days. Anyway, the student of a vocational institute in Owerri, Imo State, told Sunday Sun that she resorted to using her body for money when her boyfriend who was sponsoring her education abandoned her.

Who is the BEST #Soccer sign this Summer? #HNNSports

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There's still time to vote... Who is the the best signing of the summer so far? 

Vote here:

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