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#HNNMemorial Remembering Dynamic #Nigerian Senator @Iyiosun #Omisore's Late Mother #HNNPolitics

A Memorial Tribute to Princess Emilia Adejola Omisore

Eight years ago, Princess Emilia Adejola Omisore, Regent of Ifewara and mother of Senator Iyiola Omisore PhD, FNSE passed on!

Mama lived a great life and she left us all with a most valued and precious gift! A leader of both worth and distinction. A humane person and a philanthropist of note, Senator Iyiola Omisore. He is many things to many people, but perhaps most importantly he is a man of great value who lives in the fear of God.

We all thank 'Iya Iyi' for this gift to humanity and the citizens of Osun State. We know that 'Iya Iyi' rests in peace but also in pride. Mama da da! Oku olomo ki sun!

In Senator Omisore's own words 'I lost my mum, friend, confidant, soul mate and pathfinder. I am however consoled that all she left has been a guiding light to us'

Senator Omisore loved his mother. He still does. She taught him that royalty meant service to people just as leadership is dignity in this service, a commitment to pursue the good of all and a sacrifice of self. This is what we see today in the Principal of the Iyiola Omisore Organization. 'Iya Iyi' you have done well. You can, and will never die. Your legacy lives on and and many more than you can count are beneficiaries of your thoughtful wisdom through your dear son, Senator Iyiola Adewale Omitola Anibijuwn Ajani Omisore! Okunrin medogbon! Akoni Ogun!

Dejola Oretu! Omo Osanganderuku (aka Iyia Iyi). Adejola Kobilasa ero-otutu! Omo erinfolayagi! Ma sun tara tara o! Iya Iyeru! Sun re o!

Great woman of virtue - Rest In Perfect Peace!


#HNNFood #VIDEO Ad a fruit to your cereal every morning #HNNHealth

Any fruit will do. It makes u healthier and you definitely get a perfect flavour to your morning cereal!

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#HNNMoney #VIDEO How #Nigerian Money got DEVALUED and became WORTHLESS! #ChopMyMoney Series

20 naira in my name. Chop my money. Yeah, Chop this one cos I don't REALLY CARE! This video depicts how Nigeria's N20 note was more worthy 30 tears ago next to the $20 or 20 pound bill. I've lived in all 3 countries.

#HNNHealth #VIDEO My Beautiful Skin revealed>.Bitterleaf, PawPaw and Aloe Once a week. #HNNBeauty

Papaya soap, Bitterleaf, Aloe #PBA
Watch me rub these all together and you can see how I get that flawless skin at 50.

#HNNFood #VIDEO Watch how Northern #Nigerian girls sell the famous #Suya pepper #HNNCommunity

The girls sell the pepper condiment used to make Suya. They sell their own wares next to their fathers making the Suya BBQ treat. This pepper is very precious especially to Nigerians who live overseas that have to import it in.

#HNNHealth #VIDEO Watch me advise #Nigerians that #KOLANUT does NOT cure the #EbolaVirus #HNNFood

Watch me in the market spoil the business of these market women telling YOU that kolanut will NOT cure Ebola virus disease.  Many had seen some claims by some professor in Nigeria saying that kolanut will cure the virus.

#HNNReligion The Religious aspect of #KentBrantley's speech which some found BIZZARE

Isn't there something GOD cannot do? He asked people to continue PRAYING for the people of Liberia and the rest of us in West Africa. Some say his speech was bizzare, to me Nigerians watching changed their attitudes to GOD immediately. I always ask people to worship directly to GOD instead on slaving themselves up to Pastors and Muslim clerics.

But instead of mentioning the science behind the treatment that most likely saved his life, he took a spiritual turn. Some said his speech soon sounded like a sermon.

After an earlier statement from his isolation room, where he thanked “God for His mercy” and believed “God often leads us to unexpected places”, it should have come as no surprise.

Brantly began by sharing how he and his family came to be in Liberia; medical missionaries who moved to West Africa because “God called us to serve the people of Liberia”.
#HNNReligion recorded Brantley's last statement as "I serve a faithful God who answers prayers" #KentBrantley 

#HNNHealth #AUDIO: Comparing the #Ebola cure for #KentBrantley versus #DrAmeyoAdadevoh

Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly have been cured of the Ebola virus and released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Brantly, 33, called his recovery "a miraculous day."

"I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and reunited with my family," he said.

He also told a news conference at Emory Hospital that "God saved my life."

Both patients were given blood and urine tests to determine whether they still had the virus, Emory doctors said in a statement released this morning.

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America: 5 Doctors and 21 nurses and NONE INFECTED
Nigeria: One brave heroic Doctor and 2 nurses>>All DEAD!

Nigerians pls wake up!! Dora Akunyili and The Ministry of Health in the OBJ administration DESTROYED Pharmacy. If Pharmacy was regulated, we would have had access to an untested experimental drug. It's time to have me head NAFDAC!! Keep losing our talents!!

Keep destroying #Nigeria.





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#HNNImpact Why Should I watch the BEHEADING VIDEO of #JamesFoley a fellow Journalist?

The slickly-produced, high-definition video was originally uploaded to YouTube, but was taken off the site within a matter of hours. YouTube also sought to take down duplicates whenever they were posted.

Kelly Foley, a cousin of the slain journalist, wrote on Twitter, "Don't watch the video. Don't share it. That's not how life should be." For me, Frontline Journalism is important. In 2014, I have been to #ChibokTwice, Maiduguri, #Liberia on a weekend, #TelAviv and each time I exit those assignment locations, the situation got worse and I escaped death. Some of you know that I was embedded in the US military in 2003 in Iraq when I was an NBC affiliate producer.

A YouTube representative said the site, owned by Google, has "clear policies that prohibit content like gratuitous violence, hate speech and incitement to commit violent acts, and we remove videos violating these policies when flagged by our users."

"We also terminate any account registered by a member of a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization and used in an official capacity to further its interests," the representative added.

Videos of ISIS executions are still accessible through other sites, however. One such site, LiveLeak, said Wednesday that it was "currently experiencing an abnormally high volume of traffic."

Twitter faced similar issues -- and a tremendous amount of pressure from its users about the balancing act between freedom of expression and basic human decency. "We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery," Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo wrote in an early Wednesday morning post on the site.

It all amounted to a particularly grotesque version of whack-a-mole. At one point Tuesday evening, simply tweeting the word "beheading" resulted in replies from spam accounts that attached a photo of Foley's severed head.

With files from CNN

#HNNOpinion Why Every Nigerian in the UK who watched #NigeriasHiddenWar is a classic #MORON

#HNNOpinion To all the Nigerians in the UK that watched The Channel 4 documentary Nigeria's Hidden War, I want to personally tell all of you that you are all MORONS! I don't care who is my friend or not. You all make me sick! You clogged my feed with your bullshit sentiments and complaints. You sit in your overseas comfort zones and have no idea that all this is happening in your own country that you only respect for convinience? Where were u when I started Stop Violence Nigeria in #Canada while fighting the Canadian's battle with gun violence? Why have many of you forgotten your own country but sit your dumbasses online cursing Goodluck Jonathan and the rest of the clueless APC leaders? This is my country and today I officially become a NATIONALIST like Herbert McCaulay. I can never achieve what McCaulay achieved but I shall carry on that legacy. #Yorubasespecially who think that northern Nigerians are a piece of shit imposing on them.

Many children without families because Boko Haram have killed them, Many of our boys and men in the north MURDERED by the army, lined up to be slit in the throat like #ISIS did to the innocent Kurds and even a US Journalist. In 2014, I have been to #Chibok Twice, Maiduguri, #Liberia on a weekend, #TelAviv and each time I exit those assignment locations, the situation got worse and I escaped death. Some of you know that I was embedded in the US military in 2003 in Iraq when I was an NBC affiliate producer. No, u didn't know? How could you? You never celebrate your own people. You just bring them down. Obasanjo was almost the US secretary Gen, you brought him down, Diezani was nominated for the OPEC job, u brought him down,Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala almost got the World Bank Prez, you knocked her down. U will NOT knock me down when I begin my road to that Presidency in the next 10 years.

All my views about Nigeria and empowering it will be at Madam President KOO my Nigerian President political social media campaign page. What are you doing about terrorism and the bogus army fueling the fire. The armed forces cannot even take over anymore? Damboa, Gwoza and Buni Yadi are now Boko Haram territories and now they have seized the police college. Police down, army down. So pls quit your ignorance in the UK. Your ignorance does not excuse your STUPIDITY. Curse me all you want. I will just ignore or block you from my midst.

Pictured are my people getting slaughtered by the military like rams. Gen Olu Kolade says they are fake military instead of admitting you cannot control your own army anymore. The real BH have taken over 3 towns now hoisting flags.

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