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Thursday, May 28, 2015

If We Want to Help Working Mothers, We Could Start With Paid Paternity Leave #Vitaminkemi #Wellness

                                                                                  bikerider/London Shutterstock
Fathers who take two or more weeks off after their children are born end up more involved in their children’s care nine months later—feeding them, bathing them, changing diapers—compared with fathers who don’t take leave. For example, a law in Chile requiring employers to provide child care for children under the age of 2 only applies to those companies with a certain share of female employees. In Spain, there’s a law giving workers with young children the right to ask for fewer hours, but it’s almost entirely women who ask. American women are a third more likely to take unpaid leave than men. Many families can’t afford to have both parents out on unpaid leave or working fewer hours to be home with children at one time, and it’s the mother who is still nearly always the one who scales back.

#Vitaminkemi How to clean your vagina the RIGHT WAY! Do>>NOT>>DOUCHE!

Here's how to cleanse your vagina to keep it happy, healthy, and feeling fresh

While the external part of your nether regions (a.k.a. the vulva) needs some TLC, the internal portion (a.k.a. the vagina) does a pretty good job of taking care of itself. "The vagina has really great mechanisms within it to keep it clean and have its own little healthy 'ecosystem,'" says Jessica Shepherd, M.D., a gynecologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago and founder of Her Viewpoint.

Could you have Lyme disease in Nigeria and not even know it? #Vitaminkemi


The truth is that there are ticks everywhere in Nigeria but how aware are we about Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites, especially those from deer ticks. Approximately 70 percent of deer ticks are infected, says Gaito. And those of you in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania should be on high-alert: Your states have the highest rates of Lyme disease, which is much more manageable when caught early on, says Gaito.

Lyme disease can easily go undiagnosed, mainly because the symptoms are diverse and easily misattributed.

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