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#HNNEducation #HNNCulture #Kinderville School #Ibadan graduation day was SUPER CULTURAL.

Principal Mrs Funke Odeleye

Kinderville School in Ibadan put up an end of year graduation show like no other. The kids performing in all kinds of cultural outfits from different parts of Nigeria. #HNNEducation was there to bring you the different taste of culture. Special thanks to Principal Funke Odeleye who consistently does a good job at that school with the kids. The Special guest was Mrs Adejumo, the wife of Prof Soji Adejumo running for Governor of Oyo state and several parents attended.

Enjoy the album. Many people who saw these pics were stunned in US and Canada on why we have this rich culture and we are still killing each other in Nigeria.

#HNNConflict US Secretary of State meets with Counterparts from France, Germany, Italy etc to DISCUSS #GAZA

Today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with his counterparts from France, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Turkey, and the United Kingdom in Paris, where they discussed the situation in ‪#‎Gaza‬ and focused on international efforts to bring about a cease-fire. Learn more here:

#HNNTech How we are all making Mark Zuckerberg RICHER!!


The Facebook CEO's net worth jumped about $2 billion on Thursday morning alone, before he had even finished his eggs and bacon that he slaughtered himself. That's because Facebook's stock surged to $76 a share from $71, one day after the company announced it had made roughly one entire buttload of money in the previous three months.

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#HNNMusic Nicki Minaj FIRES back at Anaconda Cover Critics


Rap Up Reports that Nicki Minaj has a message for those who criticize her“Anaconda” cover art. The rap diva took to Instagram to post a series of photos of models with their butts to the camera to illustrate the double standards in beauty. She wrote “acceptable” next to racy images of Kate Upton and Nina Agdal posing in swimsuits.

“Angelic. Acceptable. Lol,” she said of a Sports Illustratedcover with Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen.

To make her point, she then reposted her “Anaconda” cover art, which shows her squatting down in a G-string. She captioned the risqué photo “UNACCEPTABLE.”

Some of Nicki’s Barbz went on the attack, hurling insults at Teigen. “Nicki Minaj gets King magazine covers & @chrissyteigen can only get sports illustrated she a bum hoe,” tweeted one.

“I just landed and I have nicki minaj fans going absolutely batshit on me. No idea why,” wrote Teigen. Meanwhile we advise Nicki to ignore it all. She'll make the Google logo soon. 

#HNNVet Cat at #GUNPOINT dude says it was ONLY a joke!

Cat looks happy and seems to be part of the scam. We caught up with the man who was pictured in a FB posting holding a gun to a cat's head. He said it was a joke and the cat was not harmed.

Here is the link for what he and the cat's owner had to say:

#HNNParenting: News Signs remind parents to check backseat for #CHILDREN

Saw this heading into the store. What do you think about signs at businesses reminding parents to check their car for children? With the amount of kids dying these days in hot cars and parents not even remembering some are still in the car, I think this is a good sign 

#HNNPolitics Even the White House thinks President Obama my be IMPEACHED!

One of President Barack Obama's top advisers says the White House takes seriously the possibility that House Republicans could pursue impeachment of the president. (Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

One of President Barack Obama’s top advisers says the White House takes seriously the possibility that House Republicans could pursue impeachment of the president.

Poll: 32 Percent Of US Voters Think Obama Should Be Impeached

Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters Friday that the GOP has already “opened the door for impeachment” by contemplating suing the president over his use of executive authority. He says that any further executive action Obama may sign this year on immigration will “up the likelihood” of Republicans pursuing that path.

Pfeiffer was dismissive about how good a case Republicans could make to come up with impeachable offenses. But he says it would be foolish to discount the possibility that Republicans would at least consider pursuing impeachment.

#HNNConflict No More Truce: Israel and Hamas Resume Fighting in Gaza #HNNTerror

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Despite a 24-hour cease-fire proposal, Israel and Hamas continued launching attacks Sunday, adding over a dozen fatalities to the sky-high death-toll accrued in nearly three-weeks of conflict.

Hamas asked for a cease-fire hours after Israel resumed attacks on the enclave, but 492 rockets were launched at Israel, including seven intercepted by Iron Dome, officials said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army launched over 30 attacks on the Gaza strip Sunday, killing 14 people, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. More than 1,030 Palestinians have died in the course of the 20-day confrontation, while 46 Israelis have been killed.

Bibi means bizness and even gave UN secretary Gen Bai Ki Moon a tour of the rockets being launched by Hamas. Watch the video. 

#HNNPolitics How PM News' APC candidate Editor GOOFED on @Iyiosun Omisore story and who the real THUGS allegedly were #HNNNigeria

Senator Omisore visited King Adekunle Aromolaran last week
PM News is known for some questionable investigative Journalism. Senator Iyiola Omisore who HNNAfrica just interviewed just noticed a goof in their story of how an APC supporter was killed recently in Ilesha. The Senator has consistently disassociated himself away from Thuggery in the Osun Governoship race. His Media man Diran Odeyemi put our the statement below. 

PM news goofed: The true story of how APC thugs attacked Omisore's convoy in Ilesha

Our attention has been drawn to a news item in the PM news, titled "Osun Election: Omisore supporters kill APC member"
Ordinarily, we wouldn't have bothered to react to such jejenu story since it was coming from the stable of PM News, a newspaper that is sympathetic to the All Progressives Congress, APC , and will do anything to curry the favour of the party. Moreso, we are aware that Its Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Bayo Onanuga is running for the senate on the platform of APC. We respond to set the records straight and correct the erroneous impression that we were the aggressor. We state as follows:

That the governor of Osun state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is noted for his penchant for thuggery. In the last few month, he has said consistently that his supporters should go to polling booth with charms, amulets , cudgels and other weapons. At other time he urged his supporters to confront the military and slug it out with them. His slogan at politically rally across Osun state has been, " how many people soldiers go kill o, how many people soldiers go kill, hey then go kill us tire". He also said recently that he does not look like a governor. " Do I look like a governor? Aregbesola asked rhetorically. He now went on to say that he came from the street and will go back to the street. If we may ask,where is Aregbesola's trait of Omoluwabi in these careless statements meant to incite the people and cause disaffection. It is also a fact that Aregbesola has a standing army code named ' state boys'.

Now to the Ilesa story that has been distorted by the PM News, a publicity arm of the APC, to suit the whims and caprices of its leaders .

The campaign train of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came under attack at Ilesa rally shortly after its gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming August 9 election in Osun, Senator Iyiola Omisore and other PDP party leaders paid a courtesy visit to Owa Adumila of Ijesaland, HRM Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran in his palace
The DSS officers attached to Senator Omisore were injured in the attack. Also, the vehicle conveying the party chairman, Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa was badly smashed though both Omisore and other party Chiefs escaped unhurt.

The attack was allegedly led by the “state boys”, a group of political thugs working for the All Progressives Congress (APC).
It was actually the APC supporters that instigated the violence.
Since the commencement of our rallies, we have not recorded any violence or breach of the peace. You will recall that Aregbesola had said at different campaign fora that Osun would march on blood if he fails to win the August 9 governorship poll.

Out of desperation to win at all costs, Aregbesola had on four occasions called on voters to go to polling booths with charms and weapons and that they should also confront soldiers in defending their votes. So, what happened in Ilesa on Friday may be a signpost of their planned violence before, during and after August 9, 2014.

Prince Diran Odeyemi
Director, Media & Strategy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#HNNTerror Why Mrs Aisha #Buhari is the MOST #STUPID woman in Nigeria. Never heard of a SUICIDE Bomber until her husband took a hit!

Aisha Buhari aka First Lady Dumbass!

The Presidents hit up car!
Can you imagine Mrs Buhari and her stupid statement above. The NERVE of her! This is the person who wants to be a FIRST LADY?? Can someone tell me if she was the same Buhari First lady after her husband downed my father's government under President Shagari and ending up screwing up Oyo state. If my dad had done his 4-8 years, my state will not be fucked up now. See what happens when the dumbass Nigerian people RECYCLE their leaders.

Aisha says she does not believe that anyone can try to kill themselves to kill another in Nigeria. She's never heard of suicide bombers? It's a MUSLIM thing darling and I am half muslim. I know the trend.  #Dumbass


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