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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is Rapper The Game lying about sleeping with "three" Kardashians? #HNNShowbiz

Khloe Kardashian holds hands with rapper The Game as they take Kris Jenner to Tru Night club in Hollywood, CA in 2014.
Credits: Splash News

Is Rapper the game lying about sleeping with three Kardashians? I think so. One is not even a Kardashian YET! That's the clue to a liar. US magazines details his visit to Wendy's show.

ICYMI, The Game made headlines last month after his track with DJ Khaled, “Sauce,” dropped on August 13. In the NSFW song, the artist raps that he “f--ked three Kardashians.”

On Tuesday, Williams presented the rapper with a photo of Kris Jenner and her five famous daughters — Kourtney, Kim, andKhloé Kardashian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner — to find out which of them he claims to have seduced.

#HNNSex: Why men are very HORNY in the morning

Photo published for Why Are Men So Horny In The Morning? - Historyreports

Don't ask me, I've been celibate for 10 years. Sex is no where in my radar. So many diseases and infidelities out there. I'm not even a fan of that casual sex thing but I notice some men even in public erect in the morning at bus stops, public places and more and they are not aware. The brain shuts down MOST of the organs during the REM cycle, putting them into a sort of "auto-pilot" among other things.


#HNNSex: 7 reasons men say they love performing Oral Sex to women

The taste....Mmmm. Yummy! Read the rest here. hese are historical facts. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#RIPShawtyLo Trolls create disrespectful hashtags RIP Shawty #HNNImpact

Rappers DMX, L'il Wayne and other rappers have multiple kids with many women but yet women are bashed if they were the ones.

Trolls bashed Shawty Lo today regarding his 11 kids calling him a deadbeat black community loser. He cared for them all and they all looked kempt. Even that white American family the Duggars had more kids and they keep having them.

Meanwhile these trolls took over the #RIPShawtyLo hashtag and created so many absolutely stupid and disrespectful hashtags above as if it was the car and seat belt were being mourned.

VIDEO: #RIPShawtyLo: He S/O my music blog @BET @HipHopAwards 2008

Image result for shawty los baby mamas

Watch Shawty Lo shout out my former music blog HipHossip while I was in Canada. HipHossip is now HipHossip News net (HNNAfrica). We met him on the BET hip-hop awards in 2008. Didn't see him there this year though. He was so vibrant. Rest in Peace--KOO

#RIPShawtyLo: 11 Children, 10 babymamas! 9 daughters, 2 sons #HNNKids #HNNMemorial

Image result for shawty los baby mamas

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Shawty Lo loved his children and took care of them all. You remember "All My Baby Mamas", a proposed reality show about his blended family with 10 baby mamas.

He always joked that the condoms fell off. I desperately wanted to see that show and haters went in on an online petition telling Oxygen never to show it. Advertisers were under pressure and it was SCRAPPED! People are so callous.

Some children listed on Wikipedia are Kiana Hill, Sacaria Reed, India Watson, Nala Perez, Aja Thomas, Alexis Watson. Others he posted on instagram.

Last year, Rolling Out reported that Angela “Chocolate” Beasley, one of Shawty Lo’s baby mamas, died in an car accident in Atlanta on June 25, 2015. She had spent the evening celebrating her 36th birthday. Shawty Lo was with Beasley earlier that night for the birthday festivities.

Chocolate was one of the women set to appear on Walker’s reality show before it was cancelled. She sometimes went by the nickname “The Fighter Baby Mama”, and had spent her night at Cozumel The Mexican Cantina restaurant– where she also worked as a waitress– before tragically losing her life.

Chocolate and Shawty's son is now in jail for something and now he loses both parents. 

With files from

#RIPShawtyLo: "They Know"..We all KNOW NOW that we lost a music legend #HNNMusic

Image result for shawty lo dead car crash photos

Never forget his legendary songs. Shawty Lo. Carlos Walker the man. 10 baby mamas, 11 children, even got a reality show deal on the Oxygen channel and the haters put up an online petition saying they didn't want to see his blended family. That really hurt me so much but Walker continued to strive hard with his music, his community service was outstanding. Performed outside supermarkets, help community health drives to get people's blood pressure and diabetes tests done and so much more. He always spoke to young fathers giving them advice about fatherhood.  Rest in Peace homie--KOO 


Image result for shawty lo dead car crash photos
Media preview

The magnitude of the accident that killed my friend Shawty Lo may have been prevented. I'm saying this because he may have survived this single car ghastly accident. It was a single car accident.

The women who were passengers may have had their seat belts on and I bet one was in the front seat. Until I know the real facts from Fulton Country police traffic team, I can tell you that Shawty Lo was EJECTED from that 2016 Audi, a badass safe car with airbags.

He may have lived! Ejection from the driver seat means he likely had NO SEAT BELTS on. This is my take. Pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone wear your seat belts, even here in Africa the enforcement is STRICT!

RIP Shawty Lo: How our friend Carlos Walker (Shawty Lo) DIED #RIPShawtyLo

Image result for shawty lo dead

I still want more details. I have tweeted T.I for an interview. I am watching reactions from Atlanta rapper's handles. Where was he coming from? A club, was he impaired, was it speed?

Fulton County, Georgia police are telling me that he was driving the 2016 Audi in the fiery crash with two female passengers who are in non life threatening condition. Police say he was ejected and died at the scene. Pls pls pls everyone wear that seat belt. A 2016 Audi has fantastic airbags but this could have saved him.

The car hit a guard rail and then several trees and burst into flames. At first it was said to be a hit and run but now it has been confirmed that it was definitely a single car accident. His manager issued a statement to the media and then a tweet went out from his handle @ThatsShawtyLo

We will forever miss you Carlos--KOO

#AUDIO: RIP Shawty Lo: I was the FIRST to introduce him to #Canada fans #HNNMemorial

Image result for shawty lo dead

This 2008 interview is killing me right now. I can't stand this. Hearing my boy's voice, seeing a tweet at 1am Eastern time and next he's killed in a fiery car crash at 2.20am on I-285. This is so unreal. I was the first music Journalist to interview him via phone while I was living in Canada. Shawty Lo was from surbuban Atlanta Bankhead.

He was a community service person, performing outside supermarkets, encouraging the people in the hood to get blood pressure and diabetes checks and of course the T.I beef in 2008 declaring himself the KING of the South. Pls listen. This video was uploaded years ago but was marked unlisted by error on my old channel Fanada. I found it, thank GOD. Shawty is not with us anymore. We will miss him. Goodnight Carlos, we love you--KOO

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