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Monday, February 13, 2017

NEW: Georgina Onuoha ARRESTED for shopping at US Nordstrom department stores #HNNCrime

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New information about Georgina Onuoha. I am learning now that in 2011 when Onuoha's ex husband doctor lost his medical license, she started to work as a maid and cleaning homes in menial jobs to survive and support her daughters. Onuoha was said to have been arrested for shoplifting at Nordstrom department store in Arden Fair, the Arden Way location in Sacramento, California where she lives. According to a police and department store source, she has been shoplifting a long time from that store even trying to portray herself as a "visiting" Nigerian movie star.

The D-List actress who has not gotten any roles in 13 years has not responded to HNNAfrica's inquiry about her shoplifting charge. The case was tried and she was convicted past a plea deal. Georgina is known to wear a lot of department store style merchandise and without credible employment, one wonders how she manages to wear these designer items. According to state records, her children collect welfare checks meaning that they depend on the government.

Onuoha's husband lost his medical license after he was convicted of drunk driving on his wasy to his medical job at 8.30am in the morning. She later filed for divorce after his income vanished and she was left with nothing.

#HNNMemorial Remembering the N20 traitor General Muritala Muhammed 41 yrs later

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Feb 13th 1976 I was 11yo when Mr N20 was gunned down and there was chaos everywhere that morning as we were locked up in school. Murtala Muhammad was NOT a hero. He was taught to us in history as one. Him and Col. Ibrahim Taiwo were in charge of the 2nd infantry div in #Asaba #Delta and ordered 700 men to line up and chant "One Nigeria" during the #Biafra war and they still SHOT them all one by one 🇳🇬🔫☠and the troops raped their daughters and wives.

On Feb 13th 1976 Taiwo was also assassinated as Governor of Kwara state the same morning. Fuckn military traitors that Karma caught up with and they conveniently took history out of schools. I do not accept N20 notes in Nigeria. Only two 10's

#AccessNollywood Peggy Ovire also reluctant to talk about her prostitution visit to #Gambian dictator

#AccessNollywood Angela Okorie breaks up a young couple, dates music producer on the side!

#HNNBooks Meet Mildred Mark and Thurston Scott, a lovely young couple with a dream...Until @realangelaokorie showed up and wanted a piece of Scott. After her husband left her due to continuous prostitution as he stated, Angela lied to Vanguard newspapers and was dishing advice to her female fans on marriage when hers had actually crashed! Angela fled to #Asaba and SNATCHED Scott a music producer and she rented a flat, moved in with him destroying a sweet relationship with Mildred. Mildred's best friend spoke in depth to @HNNAfrica and some of the things she said will shock u in #ACCESSNOLLYWOOD my #audiobook #HNNInvestigates Pre-Order now: Payment Details First Bank of Nigeria Sort Code : FBNINGLA Name: Olukemi Olunloyo #HNNBooks Account number 3020832750 Contact Amber at for the status of your order. Once payment has been made, send your recept to our email and you receive your digital download Amount N5000 per chapter Chapter 1 released February 1st 2017. Other chapters follow A catalogue of audio and e-books will be available in the #HNNStore opening on next week. LIKE THE PAGE. #madamhnn👑
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#AccessNollywood Actress Sharon Francis refuses to tell me why she was with Gambian Dictator?

#AccessNollywood Why 16 #Nollywood stars DIED of health related reasons in 2016

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#AccessNollywood Actress Moyo Lawal DENIES affair with #Gambian Dictator

#AccessNollywood How Dayo Amusa slept with INEC official, Ikorodu thug (her Mecca sponsors)

#AccessNollywood How Georgina Onuoha collapsed when her husband lost his medical license

#AccessNollywood Angela Okorie and her Yahoo boy who she allegedly gave Jammeh's money

@Regrann from @hnnafrica - #BREAKING Preview my #audiobook #AccessNollywood now. Chapter 1 features @realangelaokorie who campaigned and got $1.5M from a dictator who tortured and killed his opponents and forced his people into poverty. Okorie called #yahyajammeh a man of the people. She used that money that belongs to the #Gambian people to fund her various prostitution activities in #Nigeria, most importantly to pamper #OvieAmeh the high and mighty #YahooBoy in #Sapele #Jesse #Delta state #Nigeria. Almost every single picture on Okorie's IG with her son Chamberlaine was taken in Ovie's pad. The badass #Audi was also purchased with some of that Gambian money. Ovie is here posing with WADS of American dollars next to his Range Rover. There's Angela near the Audi in an expensive sports track suit. In a heavily pirated movie industry with little funding from the selfish Nigerian government, these #Nollywood stars manage to stay RICH thru shady means! Okorie's estranged husband told #HNNAfrica he left her due to constant prostitution activities. A catalogue of audio and e-books will be available in the #HNNStore opening on next week. LIKE THE PAGE. #madamhnn👑 - #regrann
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