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Friday, February 24, 2017

KLM tops the BEST international Airline in 2016 #HNNTravel #HNNTravel

Credits: Keminications Media

Royal Dutch Airlines Galapagos Islands brought me to Nigeria after my deportation from Canada. You may have read in the Toronto Sun that I came home in style. Aside from the $33,000 bribe from the Canadian government, now you know the other reason: KLM service!

10. Qantas – 15.7 percent
9. TAM Linhas AĆ©reas – 14.93 percent
8. Delta Air Lines – 14.83 percent
7. Singapore Airlines – 14.55 percent
6. ANA – 14.46 percent
5. Austrian – 14.26 percent
4. Qatar Airways – 13.66 percent
3. JAL – 12.2 percent
2. Iberia – 11.82 percent
1. KLM – 11.47 percent

#Israeli's El-Al tops the 10 WORST airlines of 2016 #HNNTravel

Image result for el al airlines

The Worst 10 International Airlines of 2016
10. Hainan Airlines – 30.3 percent
9. Korean Air – 31.74 percent
8. Air China – 32.73 percent
7. Hong Kong Airlines – 33.42 percent
6. China Eastern Airlines – 35.8 percent
5. Asiana Airlines – 37.46 percent
4. Philippine Airlines – 38.33 percent
3. Air India – 38.71 percent
2. Icelandair – 41.05 percent
1. El Al – 56 percent

5 things to get your #Twitter account major attention #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

Fresh Things to do with your Twitter Account in 2017

Everyone is on Twitter! Nigerians are leaving Facebook for Twitter but Facebook still has its own unique users. I am one of those unique users. I have a very engaging verified page. The competition is still fierce. Today many young people should get productive with their Twitter accounts and not just waste 10 hours daily tweeting for fun. Below are 5 vital things to do to get your account moving this year:

1. Go through your favourites now called “Likes” and delete any unnecessary tweets you liked. You can also save them as screenshots and open a folder on your device named screenshots. Keep your account as light as possible. I have 7000 likes and currently doing my screenshots now. It's a new year must or you will lose track of LIKED tweets you need later.

2. Begin monetizing your Twitter account. I taught this course online and was featured in Nigeria's leading daily newspaper The Punch twice in 2015 on how to make money from your account. Get clients who want their businesses tweeted to your followers. You may want to have two accounts, one personal, one for business. You could be making from $30-$50 per tweet in the beginning and up to $300 or more per tweet depending on what exactly you are tweeting. I tweet live TV shows, radio interviews, adverts, music promotions for artists and even shout out for ordinary people to get more followers and this was all before I even got verified. Now being verified my tweet rates are premium.

3. Get in the habit of running an unduplicated Twitter album. Some people just come to your account for the albums. Never tweet a photo more than twice. It becomes redundant. I realize that the need may arise for business tweets to show an image twice, get creative and ask the client for different images.

4. Twitter now shows you impressions of how many people viewed your tweets including the engagement figures on who retweeted or liked. View it daily to gauge who is following your work and what times hey are viewing your tweets.

5. Fill in your Twitter bio, birthday (which is so neat when Twitter releases balloons on your profile all day) and make your bio short and attractive. Sell yourself! Check mine @hnnafrica. Finally request verification of your account if you are a brand or public figure who has a likelihood of being impersonated. Branding is important on twitter. I do that for many clients. Contact me at to see if you are eligible.

With these 5 tips, you can be guaranteed of putting your Twitter account in the spotlight

Do #BlackLivesMatter?? #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

Do all Black Lives Really Matter?: The Politics of Selective Activism

I am an award winning drug abuse prevention specialist honored by a Mayor, Governor and the Justice Department in 1997 under the Clinton administration. One of my goals was to end drug abuse in Baltimore, Maryland by the year 2000. It was a solid goal. I teamed up with the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital and began counseling pregnant women addicted to drugs at one of their clinics. I started my own program named MAP. "Mending Addiction and Pregnancy" where I gave expectant mothers the opportunity and directions like a map to quit the drug addiction life. As an outpatient staff pharmacist at the hospital, I moved to a community medical center equipped with a drug rehabilitation center owned by the hospital. I helped enroll hundreds of community members in the program getting people off drugs. A very tough and harsh medical treatment, many showed up to detoxify their bodies and at least 80% in the East Baltimore clinic were African-Americans.

A big challenge was the fact that some aspect of this drug war involved guns and community violence. The dealers who were bent on selling their drugs to the addicts, the middle men and children used in the drug trade were at such an early age. Many losing their lives because they either owed money or got double crossed. In 1988 several died. This was the crack cocaine era. By the time I got involved, it was 1996-1998. Back to the violence on the streets. The Black Lives Matter Movement has been so visible in the police brutality area of the African-American life, coupled with social media the movement has now been stronger than ever, but I don't think they are using their potentials to the max. Many of our young black men are killing each other at record rates over drugs, guns and gang turfs. It is alarming in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and other urban cities.

Why isn't BLM using their powerful voice to talk about this issue, maybe in a rally titled "Let's stop Black on Black Crime." Doing that also has another negative angle to some black minds. It means "helping the police" solve crimes aka snitching. I am known as the Snitchlady on social media and feel that no matter how many bad officers there are out there, there is an equal amount of good ones. Black citizens must report crimes, report illegal guns as this prevents them from being used, something I learned volunteering for the Toronto Police in my Canadian neighborhood. After I was kicked out of Canada by the conservative gun loving government, the Toronto Police issued their own statements to all media commending my work saying that they would not have solved some crimes if not being associated with me plus some information came very timely to them and other police jurisdictions.

Black Lives Matter has a huge impact in the black community and can actually put a stop to black on black crime. They should use their powerful voices to address the internal issues we blacks have in our own communities. Do not let us practice "selective activism" anymore. Let’s activate on all problems in our global communities.

I have been in Journalism since 1994. This article has never been published and was solidly REJECTED at the Washington Post Opinion desk. I have written Opinion articles for Baltimore Times, Toronto Sun, Nigerian Tribune and others for years. There are still many black people like me that tell the truth and keep it real. Go figure...

Bring Back the Presidential Media Chat! #HNNSocial #SMWLagos @ProfOsinbajo

Bring Back the Nigerian Presidential Media Chat this 2017!

Remember the last week of December 2015, The Nigerian Presidency announced a Presidential Media Chat with a 24-hour notice. Nigerians were excited as many had serious questions for the President Muhammadu Buhari. This chat was hashtagged #PresidentialMediaChat #PMBMediachat and was hosted and led by Channels TV’s General manager Kayode Akintemi along with journalists from three other media houses namely an online newspaper, a regular newspaper and a broadcast conglomerate. Earlier that night I tweeted my followers stating that these media chats are a waste of time without Sahara Reporters, #HNNAfrica, The Cable Ng, Signal Ng and Breaking Times. These are the busiest online media platforms Nigerians are actually reading. Sahara then took my tweet and pinned it for some hours asking their followers to retweet if they agreed and like if they did not. The retweets won.

The fact remains that social media is the hub powering such events these days. People were watching their president address the nation through Journalists asking questions and also receiving feedback from home audiences. This was not a call in show. People were asked to tweet Buhari their questions by using the hashtag #AskBuhari. So why wasn’t a panel of online newsrooms included? I have always seen this as a bad logistic in the media chats even in the last administration with President Goodluck Jonathan. Online newsrooms are the future of social media. The other three journalists in the Akintemi led panel had individual twitter handles with less than 33 followers and not worth following as they did not tweet news to their audiences.

Many of we online newsroom have also been snubbed at award shows honouring media like the Nigerian Media Merit awards and others. People hardly buy newspapers anymore, they read most of them online and they interact on the top two investigative ones #HNNAfrica and Sahara Reporters. #HNNAfrica was recently featured in the December 21st -27th I-trends report as the 9th of the top 10 influencers on Twitter globally. During the media chat, Akintemi told audiences to tweet their questions to @ChannelsTV in addition to the #AskBuhari hashtag so that Channels staff could pull the questions out of Twitter and thus my reason for calling it sponsored by Channels. In the past it used to be NTA’s Cyril Stober and others that led these panels. The use of social media by the society deserves more credible online newsrooms on the next media chat.

I shall put my own request in especially now that President Buhari urges more journalists to do more investigative journalism. I am a leader at that. Nigerians don't like investigative journalism unless it's investigating a politician. I have been investigating megapastors, actresses and scam artists of all kinds. My journalism ethics is no favours, no bribes and no fear! Trust me we have more questions for Buhari on issues around Nigeria. It’s time for half traditional media and the other half online media to take part in Presidential media chats. Buhari is currently on a medical leave that may be indefinite for now.

Why kids NEED mobile devices in SCHOOL! #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

The Need to Access Mobile Devices in School Emergencies

In December 2015 I had a major emergency. I was livid, frantic and scared when my 15-year-old son KJ, a social media guru since 6-years-old went missing after school here in Nigeria. This is the second time this has happened in his lifetime. The first time it was in Canada when I sent him to buy some fast food at 12-years-old and he never returned for 7 hours. The Toronto Police service began tracking him by tweeting his nickname with the hashtag #KayJeezy and putting his photo in the news. He was holding our joint ATM debit card for the purchase and looking at online banking records we tracked the purchase of food at 6.30pm. He left at 6.15pm and by 1am he was found asleep in the stairwell of my apartment building and had eaten the food. He was upset before he left home as we had an argument and said he wanted to run away. He was later counselled by the school psychologist on those feelings and he was OK.

What happened in his Nigerian school will stun you. KJ is more mature now and a teenager and has been briefed well about security problems in Nigeria including kidnappings. At 4pm when my son normally ends school and arrives by 4.30pm, he never showed up. By 5.45pm, I started to worry. At 6.15pm my son did not return home and I asked our driver that he should go over to the school to trace his steps. What happened next shocked me. He said KJ was LOCKED inside the private school building and the gates were also locked shut with everyone gone. It was now dusk at 7pm. I called the Principal and her phone was turned off.

In Nigeria people may be charging their phones due to sporadic power outages or just switched it off for the day. However my child was in the school helpless and crying through the windows pleading for help from the driver who couldn’t hear his voice as he was banging through glass from an upstairs building. KJ is asthmatic, didn’t have his inhaler in case of an emergency and no phone on him to call us or tweet us from his Twitter and Instagram handle since 2009 @Iamswagkid

When the driver came back, I decided to go to the police, something the principal asked me why I did? What else could I do? People in Nigeria are so scared of police, hey never want them involved because of quick arrests which our cops are known for. However this was MY CHILD! What if a fire broke out in that building? I spoke to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) aka Suprintendent of the station who had 4 armed officers escort me with their Hilux police truck as it was now dusk and darkness set in at 7.30pm. We met the Principal and Head Teacher who locks up at the end of the day both profusely apologizing to me. One of the officers demanded we all come to the station to see the DPO. It turned out that my son fell asleep while reading in class as it was after exams and students weren’t required to come. Other classes had students but not his class. So when school closed, nobody knew he was actually in there. His teacher admitted a big mistake not checking KJ before locking up, something they call “clearing the building” in modern countries.

The previous week a 13-year-old mentally handicapped girl was left overnight in a school in America. The teacher and Principal were fired by the school board. Most schools are public schools and parents could sue for millions. What could KJ have done? Phones are banned in his school because of social media use and was once seized from him. In America, phones are allowed but turned on only in emergencies or during recess. After the Columbine high school massacre in Colorado in the 90’s, I was one of the gun violence advocates that fought for the right to let the student have their cell phones to call parents or first responders. Many of the students that got killed were in the cafeteria and library and could not get to the office for help when two of their classmates opened fire all over the school killing several.

What would KJ have done with a phone? He said he would have tweeted me or called if he had credit on his line. Social media postings are also critical when you see your child tweeting or inboxing you on Facebook in an emergency. I could not imagine if he had an asthma attack or a fire breaking out in the building. My child could have died in both circumstances but the school learned a valuable lesson here. I will petition for the use of a phone to be carried at all times by him and others. KJ normally walks home with classmates. They were absent that day due to exam breaks and optional attendance. The school has reviewed safety procedures now but I still have an issue of carrying a mobile phone for emergencies and not just for phone calls but for social media emergency use.

Are u MORE POPULAR than me? U need a VERIFIED Facebook page #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

The Need for  Facebook Fanpage when your profile page is popular.

I no longer use my Facebook profile friends page because I am too popular. However after three years of closing it, I reopened it just to feed my BeBee articles and tweets. I don't interact or grant friend requests. It's too full anyway and everyone is a follower. If you think you are showing off saying that, think again. I have seen many Africans open three Facebook profile pages simply because their popularity had soared and they did not want to leave friends behind. Facebook notified me in 2008 that if your friends become more that 5000, you should opt out and get a fanage.

By the time my personal page was 5012 friends, I simply activated “followers” another Facebook service that allows friends that can’t be in your personal page be able to engage on your posts. Followers became 5,500 giving me close to 10,000 fans and friends. At that point, I closed the page and started an all new fan page in 2013. That page is and it’s the page I still maintain today with 78,000 fans and verified by Facebook to prevent impersonation something rampant with my name.

Many popular Nigerians have opened up to 3 accounts and it could be time consuming posting the same status on every personal page. Besides it does not give your friends equal access. Sometimes the page owner forgets to post the same thing or even engage people equally on those pages. Journalists like me are strongly encouraged to open a fan page, I was the only verified active Journalist on Facebook in Nigeria for a 3 year period and now there are three of us. Many don’t even have a fan page let alone verified.

I strongly urge popular personalities to do the same in opening a fan page. Xtian Dela is a Kenyan personality known as the Twitter King in Kenya and a Top 3 Influencer on Social Media Africa, but Dela also has a Facebook page that is verified. Try opening a fan page. You could be more popular that you think and Facebook may verify you. Gather your fans in one place. *winks*

Is your ADDICTIVE chat app the BEST for you? #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

The Unique Qualities of Many Social Chat Platforms

There are several messaging and chat apps on social media today. In the beginning, America Online (AOL) started the phenomenon then Yahoo and MSN messengers later evolved. Years later the Blackberry phone was created rolling out one of the largest messenger applications only on Blackberry phones and was called BBM or BlackBerry Messenger. Today there are WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and even BBM which is now available to anyone on their devices be it a Blackberry or any other devices.

These apps can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store and once it gets to your devices, you can begin using them. The BBM app still has fierce competition with the WhatsApp one here in Africa. Young people have the opportunity of making free app calls on the latter while BBM is limited to broadcasts, chats and other news features. Africans are overwhelmed with scratching phone cards to make calls and thus phone companies are giving promotional discounts literarily on every recharge. They are in competition with several chat and messenger apps.

WhatsApp is the most commonly used chat app in Africa according to tech magazines and it is more popular because of the ability to make free phone calls aside from the chat features. Snapchat is very commonly used outside Africa most especially in the United States. The ability to use Snapchat is still challenging for many users in Africa because of the limitations of wifi. Without 4G wifi strength, Snapchat is very weak as most Internet service providers in Africa supply 3G services. When I use my 4G wifi, I connect well on Snapchat though the so called "4G" is really a broadband connection going thru a provider's server through a pocketsize modem.

Yahoo and MSN continues to thrive in online chat while Facebook Messenger still thrives on the free phone calls but the party you are calling has to be on Facebook and you should know the privacy disclaimer when using it. Your voice may be recorded. Find the chat app that suits you best. There are many and as a social media expert, I use all of them.

How I make GOOD CASH on my Instagram ads #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

How Instagram Adverts Can Net You Good Money

Many of you have seen beverage and fast food adverts on my instagram and linked to my Facebook account. These are referred to as Instagram ads. Instagram is owned by Facebook and you can manage your ads via a Facebook fan page as well. Creating an Instagram ad does not need rocket science or a fan page. Once you upload the image of a client company and the text content you want displayed, you bill the advertiser who is getting a lifetime ad which remains permanent on your IG account regardless of the photo feed moving.

Africans are addicted to the social media platform Instagram. Every day I meet someone who says they left Twitter and Facebook to join instagram and that is the only platform they now use. Well, make good use of it and make money from it especially if you have a lot of followers. What’s a lot you ask? Over 1000 followers can net you small cash which is something you can start with. Open an Instagram account, do an advert and get paid. One way to get noticed is to share your Instagram posts on other platforms such as your personal Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Swarm or Flickr an option IG gives you.

Make your ads readable. Don’t drown it with excessive text and make sure you have contact information on it. You do not have to limit yourself. Here in Nigeria, many music stars trend on twitter simply because fans keep talking about them. Why promote an artist free when you could promote their music for them on your Instagram account for a small fee. Try instagram ads today. Glance at today to see some of my ads under #HNNAdvert.

Does your Country's government use #socialmedia well? #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

Government Agencies and Social Media Use.

Today several Government agencies are on social media. In the US and Canada where I spent 35 years, the police departments were the first to appear on them. Toronto Police Service was the first law enforcement agency to get on social media specifically Facebook and Twitter. They used it to interact with the public and the turnout was initially low as some citizens were scared of commenting on a police page.

Later the audience grew and every topic was discussed. I remember leaving Canada and the TPS released statements that “she has the ability to bring people together on social media that we as a department couldn’t do”. I was a police volunteer convincing people to speak out on gun violence, police brutality and even the death of an officer caused by an alleged criminal.

In Africa, the Nigerian Senate, many Governors, Senators and members of government are on social media, many with verified accounts. Not every single one but quite a large amount. The Nigerian government has signed up most federal agencies on Twitter and Facebook and with the small amount of followers, their voices are still heard by the public. From the Federal Ministry of Information to the Federal Road Safety Corps, many healthy and robust updates are made daily that affect the quality of life of the public. We are still demanding the Federal Ministry of health back on twitter as well as the NAFDAC food and drug health sector.

Kenya is another country in Africa that has excelled on social media. President Uhuru Kenyatta is on Twitter and Facebook and so is Margaret Kenyatta his wife and First Lady who participates in many daily events. However Nigeria’s wife of the president Aisha Buhari only uses Twitter and not Facebook. State government agencies are also very prominent on social media in both countries and they still have to promote their presence to the public.

During the Ebola crisis, the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health was using Facebook with a closed wall. The public could not speak out on the disease and what was happening in their communities. I called them to let them know and it was opened later as knowing how to use social media is important. If you are a government agency, you want to be heard by the public. By the end of 2017, more African government agencies will eventually have a social media platform.

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