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#HNNHealth With the FIRST #Ebola case in the USA, IGNORANT reporter doesn't think it CAN spread!

When u are a reporter, you are the last person to post rhetoric all over the internet. Earlier tonight in Nigeria, it's 11.30pm now in West Africa, we all heard that there has been a first case of Ebola diagnosed in the US. What I saw was an ignorant tweet by Reporter Mark Goldberg which Reporter Chris Hayes retweeted. "As long as the outbreak is spreading in W. Africa, don't expect it to spread inside USA."

Do you know who may be walking around restaurants, hospitals and even more public places with it? It was Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian American from NYC that spread it to Nigeria, so why this American hype?

A patient being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case of the disease to be diagnosed in the United States, federal health officials announced Tuesday.

Officials at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital say the unidentified patient is being kept in isolation and that the hospital is following Centers for Disease Control recommendations to keep doctors, staff and patients safe.

The hospital had announced a day earlier that the patient's symptoms and recent travel indicated a case of Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa and infected a handful of Americans who have traveled to that region.

The CDC initially embargoed the announcement of the diagnosis until 4:30 p.m. CDT, but then lifted the embargo after several news organizations broke that restriction.

The CDC has said 12 other people in the U.S. have been tested for Ebola since July 27. Those tests came back negative.

Four American aid workers who have become infected while volunteering in West Africa have been treated in special isolation facilities in hospitals in Atlanta and Nebraska, and a U.S. doctor exposed to the virus in Sierra Leone is under observation in a similar facility at the National Institutes of Health.

With files from the AP

#HNNMusic The Evolution Of #Canadian #Rapper Kyriel "Pimpton" Roberts @ThePimpton

Pimpton is one to watch out for. I met Pimpton online while in Canada and he asked me to help submit a Juno application which I did. Though he didn't get a nomination for that hot hit "Cold World", he never stopped! The Junos and Grammys are definitely destined for this homie. Well spoken, articulate with his lyrics and pioneering what may be a historical move in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The fact that Regina area does not have that urban flow as many other cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Pimpton is already in the history books though he may not know it as being the one pioneering hip-hop into that area of Canada.

A good friend to #HNNMusic, I follow all his work because he is determined. Here is the CTV interview yesterday 9/29/14. Depending on your area and speed of the internet, you can also watch the entire video of the interview here and info about his new collab with Shantel Stewart

The NEW single called "My Day" feat Shantel Stewart is a perfect 10/10 and a clear epitome of good music--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #HNNMusic

I plan to do a more in depth interview with Pimpton later in October in a Q and A form. Soom we shall Skype and do Phoners as well. He's definitely going places.

Follow him on Twitter @ThePimpton

Sunday, September 28, 2014

#HNNEnvironment President Obama's pledge on Climate change #UNGA2014

"We cannot condemn our children, and their children, to a future that is beyond their capacity to repair." —President Obama at #UNGA2014 on America's Climate Action Plan and the need for all countries to join in the fight against climate change:

#HNNCommunity What Obama said at the Clinton Global Initiative #CGI2014

"When citizens are free to organize and work together across borders to make our communities healthier, our environment cleaner, and our world safer, that's when real change comes." —President Obama at the Clinton Global Initiative: #CGI2014

#HNNImpact Eric Holder says goodbye as US Attorney General

"Through it all, he’s shown a deep and abiding fidelity to one of our most cherished ideals as a people, and that is equal justice under the law." —President Obama on Eric Holder's tenure as Attorney General:

#HNNShowbiz George Clooney marries Human Rights Lawyer Amal Alamuddin


OFF THE MARKET: Hollywood’s longstanding bachelor George Clooney has finally settled down and tied the knot today.
Here’s a look back at his former real life leading ladies:

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#HNNCrime Fired employee who BEHEADED coworker in Oklahoma tried to convert employees into #Islam

WORKPLACE BEHEADING: A fired employee beheaded his coworker with a knife and was attacking another employee before he was shot by a company official, according to police.

Colleen Hufford was killed at the Oklahoma City food processing plant, and the 30-year-old suspect has been hospitalized.

Officials say the man had recently tried converting other employees to Islam, but did not say why he was fired.


#HNNFamily Meet Grandpa and Grandma Clinton. @BillClinton and @HillaryClinton cherish grandaughter in hospital.

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said they feel "blessed, grateful and so happy to be the grandparents of a beautiful girl."

"Chelsea is well and glowing. Marc is bursting with pride. Charlotte's life is off to a good start," the elder Clintons said in a statement.

Chelsea Clinton waited for the birth to find out the gender of her baby. "There are so few mysteries in life ... in which any answer is a happy one," she recently told CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, announced in April they were expecting their first child.

Chelsea is Bill and Hillary Clinton's only child, and her baby is their first grandchild.

Chelsea Clinton married Mezvinsky, the son of two former members of Congress, in 2010.

Ever since their daughter's nuptials, Bill and Hillary Clinton have applied good-natured public pressure on her to make them grandparents.

In April 2012, Hillary Clinton told ABC it wasn't "really up to" her whether she would ever earn the grandma title, but added, "I would like to have that title. ... I think I'd be pretty good."

Chelsea Clinton has regularly said that her parents were "unapologetic" in their pleas for grandchildren. "(They) are not shy about saying that in public and private," she told ET in 2013.

Bill Clinton also said last year on CBS that if Hillary Clinton could be president or a grandmother, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2016 would say grandmother.

"If you ask her, I think she'd say grandmother, but I have found it best not to discuss that issue," said the former president. "My goal is to live to be a grandfather. The rest of it's out of my hands."

Chelsea Clinton has stoked some of the baby talk, too.

In an October 2013 interview with Glamour, she said she and her husband want "to start a family." "So we decided we were going to make 2014 the Year of the Baby," Clinton said.

She later told the reporter: "Call my mother and tell her that. She asks us about it every single day."

For the last month, the baby has somewhat overshadowed the Clintons' everyday activities. When Hillary Clinton, who recently published her latest memoir, "Hard Choices," would travel to book signings, a number of well-wishers mentioned her becoming a grandparent.

"I must have shaken 70,000 hands and over half of them mentioned something about being a grandparent," Clinton said last week during a panel discussion with CNN's Sanjay Gupta at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

Hillary Clinton later added: "Most of us, when we have our children, we're still younger, we're still striving, we're still preoccupied with what's going to happen in our lives, and I think a lot of people look back and say, 'I did the best I could,' but...being a grandparent you just have that freedom, at least that's what I'm told, and I'm anxious to find out."

With files from CBS 58

#BREAKING Celebrating a Year of #HNNAfrica #HNNAfricaAtOne

After a year without a budget and employees, I managed to blog a world news portal serving Nigerians. Most of our people are not big fans of world news until the tables turned and fast it did. We had the Ebola outbreak, the ISIS and Boko Haram problem, the mystery of Malaysian Airlines, one plane fired down, another just missing, Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Gaza and the Ferguson shooting in Missouri, USA and more. Today September 28th a year ago 2013, I launched HipHossip News Net, rebranding my music blog HipHossip into a world news portal. The story in the Nigerian Tribune a year ago  and the rest is history.

Hundreds of newscasts later on and, many videos in all hashtag categories on and of course my instagram account an dthe Pinterest boards. My new lingo will be "Nigeria's Innovative Newsroom". What makes it Nigeria's Innovative Online newsroom is the various hashtags that you can explore to read your fave category of stories, see images and videos. My Fave is #HNNFood #HNNHealth and #HNNTerror covering terrorism around the globe and showcasing my cooking skills along with reporting all the health and wellness news that you need creating the hashtag #VitaminKemi

Google views up from 13 million to 58 million and Reverbnation remaining #1 for my spoken word recordings of newscasts and podcasts.

#HNNAfrica also trended on twitter a lot of times for coverage of Nigeria's #AnambraDecides election and first to break the news of the Nyanya bombing and the Boko Haram siege at the Defence HQ in Nigeria on a Sunday morning. I was the only one to tweet the #MandelaMemorial and the funeral live as well as cover the #WestgateAttack of a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. We were the only one in Nigeria to cover several events live on twitter including tweeting all the #MH370 news conferences and White House ones LIVE!

 #HNNAfrica is now under KJ and I while I semi retire to syndicate and aggregate Keminications News, my old North American news portal I canceled 2004, 10 years ago. I will still be the Chairman and CEO of #HNNAfrica.

Thank You for reading world news!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

#HNNCrime Photos of intruder in #LosAngeles as woman escapes from ROOF of house.

Now you see why Americans are allowed to own guns. A Los Angeles-area woman found herself in a precarious situation after she crawled out of her upstairs bedroom window to escape an intruder and call police. Kudos to the LAPD on how they handled this. Imagine if it were a disabled woman who could not climb that window. These rapists and murderers are all over the place intruding.

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